Piston ring for a Kobalt VLK1582609 air compressor

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by Bernie
(Canonsburg, Pa)

The piston ring is torn and it looks like it was bad from day one. It looks like it wasn’t seated properly.

Kobalt Vlk1582609 Piston Ring
Kobalt Vlk1582609 Piston Ring

My son said it takes forever to get up to pressure. It has been that way since it was new about 5/6 years ago. I cannot find a new ring for it. Model # VLK1582609


Compression ring replacement
by: Bernie

There is not an exact replacement ring for this compressor so I came up with a fix.

Since this compressor has a 2 3/8″ bore I found a similar ring on ebay. OEM CAC-248-2 for $11. Is for a 2 3/8″bore oilless compressor. It is the correct OD but the ID is about 1/8″ too big.

I carefully chiseled of the metal ring/washer holding the compression ring on. I centered the new ring on the piston with several small pieces of wire and super glued them in place so they wouldn’t shift when I pressed the washer that secured the ring back on.

I used several small clamps and a washer to press the ring back on. It works great.

The pressure comes back up and it does it quicker. The instructions with the new ring said to install it with the cup facing up and the original was installed upside down.

Sorry didn’t take pictures.


EXACT same issue as Bernie – Question
by: DJGray

Bernie, I sure hope you see this and reply. I have the exact same compressor and had the exact same problem. In fact, my piston looks just like your photo. I tried to bend it back into shape and sealed the tear in the piston ring with some JB Weld. Worked beautifully until it hit about 80PSI. Then it ruptured again.

I thought the piston was a single piece, machined together. Are you saying the top of the piston comes off? I can pop that apart and glue a new ring in there?

– damon


VLK1582609 piston ring
by: James Miller

I am surprised about number of persons with the same issues. I am upset that Kobolt hadn’t issued a recall or offered a repair kit.


Made a video on how to fix
by: Anthony S

I did the same thing as Bernie except I used a DAC-308 ring (same as the other one just preformed/precupped).

I broke some of the edge off of the piston and used aluminum brazing/welding rod to feel it back in and machine the surface back.

18 gauge solid wire works fine as a centering ring. I tried using rtv to keep it centered at first but at 100 psi it pushed the seal off center and blew out the lip again.

Video for visual reference.


Anthony – video Kobalt piston
by: Bill

Anthony, thanks. I’ve added your video here and to the Kobalt main page on this site as well.

Excellent, informative, video. Thank you for taking the time to make it and share it.



Kobalt VLK1582609 piston removal?

I have Kobalt (VLK1582609)and I’m trying to remove the piston to replace the ring.

Only way i see how is to remove the arm that attaches to the belt pulley.

It has a Allen screw.

I can’t get it to break free.I have sprayed it numerous times with PB blaster and even tried an impact driver but still no luck.

Am i doing something wrong?


How to change VLK1582609 piston ring

How can i change the o-ring in the piston? I have the piston out. But not sure how to change it.

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Stop buying oilless compressor !!!! they spin way faster (lower life span) . I prefer oil based one !

Bob, that’s good advice for the direct drive types. There are belt drive oil-less machines that are far better but probably out of the price range of the typical DIYer.

Jusr wanted to drop a thanks, and also one to the man who made the video. I’ve got the same darn problem. That so many owners have this issue and Kobalt doesn’t even sell the ring or issue a recall has got me d o I bring the brand in general

Mine so far is working, but wonder if there is any lubricant that can help protect/ prolong the seal, even tho’ described as “oilless?” It galls me whenever any brand basically designs in a weak area, but makes no effort to accommodate sensible, owner serviceable parts or use of industry standardized ones that might be readily available. The Kobalt hand tools so far seem fine, and a bargain, but any Kobalt power equipment with hidden internals will be bumped way down my list from here on.

The lube should be in the seal itself. You may be able to feel it if you can get to it.
You could try something like a silicone or PTFE spray lube, but no promises…