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by Omar

Hello my compressor Kobalt model 0332041 20 gallons won’t build enough pressure cut out pressure is 150psi and cut in is 120 psi

i just replaced pressure switch but it does the same thing.

Just build pressure to 50 psi and doe not restart I have to shut off ……drain all the air and start again and does same thing just go to 50 psi and does not turn on.

Please help I was trying to find something at the web but there is nothing about this compressor absolutely nothing Please Help Me!!!!!!!!

Kobalt 0332041 air compressor
Kobalt 0332041 air compressor


Kobalt 0332041won’t build enough pressure
by: Bill

Howdy. My friend this issue is well covered in the troubleshooting pages on this site. Please see:

Air compressor won’t stop running


If these don’t help, please add a comment telling me what you have checked and what you found.


Kobalt compressor w/build pressure
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue and it was the extension cord. I was using a 100′ cord and the unit would build pressure to about 50psi and then start bogging down and shut off. I went back to my electrical training and remembered high amperage draw units are finicky when it comes to the resistance in long cable runs (100′ extension cords). I plugged it directly into the outlet and no issues since. If you must use an extension cord, use the shortest possible.

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