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Oil intake problem with Ingersoll Rand 720

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by Nick claydon

I have an ingersoll rand 720 compressor which has developed a problem and I would appreciate your help and advice

The compressor has a kubota Diesel engine driving the screw compressor by drive belt.

Ingersoll Rand 720 construction type air compressor
Ingersoll Rand 720 construction type air compressor

The compressor has been functioning fine but when running today the engine stopped and a large amount of compressor oil had made its way into the engine air cleaner/screw compressor plastic intake.

It was leaking from the air cleaner drain and when I removed the intake it was full of compressor oil.

The oil in the compressor is ingersoll rand pro-tec.

When removing the fill plug for the oil separator there doesn’t appear to be any oil left in the separator tank. Prior to this problem the oil level has always been set to the level of this fill plug.

My knowledge of these is quite limited but I can only presume that something on the separator tank has failed and the compressor oil has gone into the plastic engine intake which is also shared by the screw compressor.

Any confirmation would be good and any ideas of what I need to check and replace. The unit has done 720 hours in total and I last changed the compressor oil at 550 hours.


Inlet valve??
by: Carls421

Your problem i believe lies with your inlet valve, it sits on top of the air-end.
What can happen with these is that when the compressor goes off load or is switched off, the inlet valve immediately closes, if it doesn’t close quick enough, the pressure comes back through and past the inlet valve taking oil with it and pushes it up the air intake and into your air filter. Its known as having a “lazy inlet valve”

Its easy to get fixed, just get your local compressor company to fit a service kit to it. If you try to do it yourself, be VERY careful as this valve is under very high spring pressure and if its not done properly and carefully it has been known serious injury to occur when removing the circlip.

Hope that helps

Carl, thank you for your always spot on advice.


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By Bill Wade

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