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by bob

My Kobalt model # 2211495 keeps tripping off. How come?


Hello Bob. Can you provide a bit more info as a comment to this post for us so we can try and help? A photo or two would be good, too.

Try these ideas, please.

Pull the plug on your Kobalt, bleed the air down to zero PSI in the tank, and, after closing the compressor tank drain, plug it back in to start it.

Does it start properly, or does it trip out on startup now?

At what pressure does the motor trip off?

Is it the motor reset button that you push to get it going again, or is it the circuit breaker on the power supply?

What is the highest pressure that the compressor tank gauge shows before it trips off?

When you bleed off the air, at what pressure does it try to start again, and is that when it trips?

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