by Dan petrarca
(Newtown square, Pa.)

Kobalt 8 gallon compressor won’t power off when it reaches 150 psi

When the tank pressure reaches 150 psi, the unit is supposed to power off. It does not.

Small Kobalt portable air compressor
Small Kobalt portable air compressor

Instead, the pressure release valve releases the pressure, and the unit stays on. This happens over and over.

I replaced the pressure switch, but nothing changed.

Any thoughts?


A thought about your Kobalt not powering off…
by: Doug in

Unplug it…
Try removing one and then the other wire from the pressure switch. Make sure the wire can’t touch anything. Plug it in, turn it “on”. Does it run?

Please let us know.


Kobalt 8 gallon compressor won’t power off.
by: dcrutch99

My compressor does the exact same thing. I replaced the switch and same problem. I unplugged one of the wires, and yes it powers off.

What now?

Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.


Kobalt 8 no turn-off by pressure
by: Doug in

If you’ve already replaced the pressure switch, and it still doesn’t turn off, then either they are sending the wrong part, or the prv is bad and letting go too soon, before the tank pressure reaches the proper cut out setting.

Are there markings on the switch? Is the pressure actually going over 150, like 160 or so, before the prv lets go?

If the pressure is going high, then all I can tell you is to complain to the part source. What you are getting is either the wrong part, or a defective one.