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by George
(Eastanollee GA , USA)

Every new PRV I have installed on my air compressor leaks air.

It starts to leak just before set point and then wont stop till it drops 20-30 PSI, why?

One model of a compressor pressure relief valve
One model of a compressor pressure relief valve


George, if all (how many?) PRV’s you have put on your air compressor leak air (that means it blows off) just before your air compressor reaches the set point to cut out of that air compressor, then consider that your new PRV’s have a too low cracking pressure?

While you cannot adjust the basic PRV, you can acquire ones that blow off at a pressure level that is higher than the normal cut out of the pressure switch.

When you go to get the next one, ask about the pressure settings of the blow off on the new PRV.

On the other hand, PRV’s are not always spring loaded and if yours is shutting off when the pressure drops by 20-30 PSI, I have to wonder if we are really talking about the PRV at all? I’ve uploaded an image of one so you can check.

Please tell us the make and model of your air compressor, and a photo of it and the PRV to which you refer in your post and we’ll see if we can dig deeper into this for you.

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