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A Speedaire compressor issue could stem from one of many varying reasons, you could have an air leak or the compressor may not run the way it is supposed to. I have picked out a few very common issues and how to diagnose and fix them, followed by existing reader issues and responses!

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Speedaire Compressor Is Constantly Leaking

It’s very common issue for you to hear a large “hissing” noise on your Speedaire compressor system which is a sign of a leak. If you shut off the Speedaire compressor when it’s on full charge, and the gauge has dropped while the system is deactivated, you most certainly have an air leak.

The Speedaire compressor may even automatically restart just to counter this situation, so you must pinpoint the exact location of the source. To do so:

  • Inspect the Speedaire tank check valve: air leaks can sometimes be caused by faulty tank check valves that do not close properly and therefore allow air to flow backwards and out the unloader valve. If the pressure gauge continues to drop when the tank is off, access the tank valve and check its condition- you may need to clean or replace it.
  • Apply soap to the system connections: before doing so, ensure the Speedaire compressor is unplugged, create a soapy mixture and cover the connections (including all the couplers and pressure switch). If bubbles form at any point, this is where the leak is located. Tighten the coupler and ensure to recheck the connection after doing so.

The air leaks may only occur when a hose is connected to the Speedaire compressor, disconnect the hose and if the pressure gauge stops dropping, the hose is the source of your leak. Please visit our How To Fix A Leaky Air Compressor Hose guide!

Speedaire Compressor Runs But Fails to Generate Air Pressure

If your Speedaire compressor runs and yet air pressure is not generating, the problem is likely due to either a faulty:

  • Gasket: if your Speedaire compressor only generates a small amount of pressure, it’s highly likely that there is an issue with the gasket between the low pressure and high pressure compartments of the Speedaire compressor. This indicates that air flowing from one side to the other is not undergoing sufficient pressurization.
  • Pump: if your Speedaire compressors motor is running and making noise but yielding no air, it’s likely that the air-intake pump is faulty and needs replacing. If and only when, the compressor is not too hot, you can manually feel for a lack of pump pressure with a pair of protective gloves.

The positive, both gaskets and pumps can easily be replaced so that your Speedaire compressor has additional years of performance possible.

Speedaire Compressor Fails to Stop

Your Speedaire compressor should stop once the tank pressure drops to the cut-out pressure. If the pressure fails to cut-out when it is supposed to then this is generally due to either a faulty:

  • Pressure release valve: If the pressure release valve fails to release the pressure, the tank will be too pressurized for the motor to stop running. If this occurs, cut the power from the Speedaire compressor and refrain from using it until the valve is replaced otherwise you may serious damage the system.
  • Pressure switch: If your pressure switch fails to signal the internal controls of your Speedaire compressor, a new switch should fix all your issues.

Pressurization components are such important parts of Speedaire compressors that when they fail, the whole system does.

Reader Speedaire Compressor Common Issues and Fixes

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If you have any questions regarding Speedaire compressors issues, please leave a comment and a photo if applicable so that someone may help you!