Speedaire has worn out PRV bypass

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by Steve
(Bozeman, Montana)

I have a large 10 hp/150 gal. tank Speedaire compressor and the in-tank pressure release valve is shopped.

I cannot get a replacement for 7 days and I have some contract deadlines to meet.

New Speedaire 10 HP air compressor
New Speedaire 10 HP air compressor

As each of the heads has it’s on PRV and the pressure gauge on the top of the tank has it’s own PRV, can I take the in-tank PRV off and connect the braided line from the jugs directly into the tank without creating a dangerous situation ?

It might be only for a day or so of spraying but every day of sanding and I don’t need a bad situation but this solution seems OK. What do you think ?

Thanks, Steve


Steve, I sure understand the dilemma and I hope you can understand mine.

I am not in a position to over-ride the design engineers of your Speedaire compressor. If the tank PRV was not necessary, I assure you that they would not have designed it in.

If the pressure switch high pressure cut out fails, then it’s the PRV that will save you from potential disaster.

If you do it it’s a risk that I cannot advise you to do. Sorry.

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