Kaeser Air Compressor Troubleshooting Problems, Possible Causes & Solutions

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Kaeser air compressors are a worldwide operating company, that provides a broad range of air compressor technology to users around the globe. One thing with Kaeser air compressors, like any compressor, they will require troubleshooting in order to diagnose & fix a problem.

This article will provide examples of troubleshooting tips, including the problems, possible causes, and solutions, for a Kaeser air compressor taken from an operator’s manual.

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Kaeser Air Compressor Troubleshooting

I have picked out this manual for a Kaeser air compressor which provides tips on various troubleshooting problems and their possible causes. Though these troubleshooting tips are specifically provided by Kaeser for one of their models of compressors, it is likely that you will be able to transfer this information and apply it to your Kaeser air compressor.

However, I recommend reviewing your specific Kaeser air compressor’s owner’s manual to find the troubleshooting guide provided by them.

We will take a look at the possible causes, and the correct action to take for the following symptoms with tables to follow:

  • Pressure relief valve blowing off
  • Overheating
  • Too high operating pressure
  • Too low operating pressure

Kaeser Air Compressor Pressure Relief Valve Blowing Off

Possible CausesCorrect Actions
Inlet valve not closingCheck the airline and the inlet valve, replace it if necessary
PRV valve leakingReplace PRV
Kaeser Air Compressor Pressure Relief Valve Blowing Off Possible Causes and Correct Actions Table

Kaeser Air Compressor Overheating

Possible CausesCorrect Actions
Oil pipes leakingSeal leaks or change pipes
Defective cooling fanReplace blades or complete fan wheel
Working pressure too highReplace if resetting to permissible value doesn’t work
Defective valveReplace worn parts and reassemble them with new seals
Kaeser Air Compressor Overheating Possible Causes and Correct Actions Table

Kaeser Air Compressor Too High Operating Pressure

Possible CausesCorrect Actions
Inlet valve not closingCheck airline and inlet valve, replace if necessary
The pressure gauge gives a false readingRepair or replace
The unloader valve doesn’t blow offCheck the connections, repair or replace if necessary
Kaeser Air Compressor Too High Operating Pressure Possible Causes and Correct Actions Table

Kaeser Air Compressor Too Low Operating Pressure

Possible CausesCorrect Actions
Pressure relief valve leakingReplace if necessary
The pressure gauge gives a false readingRepair or replace
Inlet valve not opening properlyCheck airline and inlet valve, replace if necessary
Unloader valve doesn’t closeCheck the connections, repair or replace if necessary
Kaeser Air Compressor Too Low Operating Pressure Possible Causes and Correct Actions Table

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I reset my Kaeser air compressor?

To reset your Kaeser air compressor you should either cycle power again or press the button next to the red LED on the controller that has the 2 half moons on it. This should reset the fault and clear the red LED. After this press the green 1 button. If the display goes to ready everything is now reset and ready to go. This may not, however, be the same for every Kaeser compressor model.

Additional Troubleshooting Pages

Kaeser Air Compressor Troubleshooting

Reader Questions and Responses

Kaeser Air Compressor Overheating and Shutting Down


I have a Kaeser air compressor overheating shutting off, is there a specific volume of air that needs to be inlet and exhaust.

It’s installed in a closed room.


There are a number of reasons why an air compressor will overheat.

I suppose it could be the shortage of intake air making the compressor work too hard, or lack of air circulation not allowing natural compressor cooling to take place. Try running the compressor with the compressor room door open to see if it makes any difference.

It is more likely that it is compressor-related, and I would be looking into the air end as a possible heat source.

You don’t provide any details of your air compressor (model / HP) so I cannot even check for technical documents about your problem.

Kaeser DS 141 air compressor
Kaeser DS 141 air compressor

Other visitors will comment on this I hope, but I expect that you probably will need assistance from Kaeser to help you, wherever you are in the world.

Code 5 – Kaeser air compressor shutting down?


My air compressor shows code 5 and shuts down right after start-up. It is telling me there is something wrong with the dryer. I’ve cleaned all the filters.


Brian, I don’t have the compressor or the manual. I would expect that the manual would identify the remedial action for any maintenance code.

Does anyone else know what Code 5 for a Kaeser is and how to correct the compressor fault?

Consider emailing them directly:

[email protected]

Model SM11 Running hot and shutting down.


Oil, oil filter, separator, and filters are all new.

The compressor even runs warm when not loaded. The room temperature is in the low 70’s.

The cooler is completely clean and doesn’t seem to be throwing off much heat. Maybe the temperature sensor
is bad?


If it is actually running hot and shutting down, could be the air end bearings… or maybe a gazillion other things, Fletch.

Or, as you say, it could be the sensor if the compressor itself isn’t actually running hot.

I can’t tell from here??

If you have any Kaeser air compressor troubleshooting questions, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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i have a SM 15T screw compressor. it builds up to 160 psi, dumps but the compressor dosent shut down to standby mode? Can anyone please give me a direction to go?

What do you mean, dumps?
Is it set for 160psi? That’s pretty high.
Finally, has it worked ok in the past at the present location?

Hello there!

I have problems with this compressor: Screw compressor SM15 SIGMA CONTROL BASIC

It starts after working with load for some seconds stops with the alarm 3S.

Does anybody have information about it?

Thanks for your help!!!


If you can’t find the sigma manual for it, go here:


While you’re waiting, check the rotation – it will stop is going backward. Even if it was working before, sometimes the power supplier will get it wrong. Rare, but happens.

Good day!
Our 2010 Kaeser 375 cfm m100 compressor after start up, when start switch is released. The compressor wont idle and dies out??? Please help….

Thank you very much in advance,
Rocky Kennedy

What is the controller telling you?
Does it build pressure at all?
A pic of the controller display during start and when it dies might be helpful.
Also, what’s the environment – cold, pleasant, hot?

I have CS91 shutting down on ADT. We have replaced all filters, blown out after coolers and checked the oil lines to be clear. Still shutting down on ADT. I am regretting that it is air end. Any other reasons for this shut down.

CSD 125 kaeser


hey there im using a kaeser compressor DSDX 302 SFC. power fed by a seperate power panel.i have used an earth leakage relay with the dedicated feeder. the problem is even when the compressor is switched off it draws about 1A CURRENT from each phase. and it has an earth leakage around 250mA even at switch off mode. so we cant set our leakage limit in a safe zone to make this work since it trips immediately. leakage current exceeds 1A most of the times. what could be the possible reason. and this kind of an error is not mentioned… Read more »

Sounds like a bad ground somewhere. Have you asked the power company about it?

I have a sk26. I continue to get idle then back to on load repeat. Running on load upto 118 then idle down to 104 this continues to shut down my machines

What are the pressure set points?
Have you done routine maintenance?
It has been operating satisfactorily? Did this start happening occasionally, or all at once?
What controller is on it?

Hello I have 2 Sm12 compressor, one of them is losing all the oil and then shuts down on over heating. Compressor was serviced and few days later oil gone and oil on air inlet filter.

It’s be nice if you knew *when* the oil (all of it?) gets in the intake filter.
But the short answer is your intake orifice is not working right.
If the factory serviced it, make ’em fix it.

Not all the oil is going to the intake filter it also gets carried to air receiver

You mean a receiver after the separator?
Then you need to check the separater element. It’s probably flooded due to a misplaced scavenger tube, which also would cause the airend to overheat.

Further, if the separator element is full, in addition to the positioning of the scavenger, there’s a dirt trap in the line that may be clogged.

Hi. Kaeser SXC8 compressor had oil change plus all filters. Runs well but after filling cylinder won’t restart. Red led comes on and must be reset to run again. Why is that? I I have a Pic of the Sigma basic screen. What is the bottom line with P abd 5 mean?

Hi can u tell me what is this mean..tq

Not really. I wants some maintenance, but can’t read the display. Can you get a better pic?

Fikrie / tq:
Looks like the first slot i/o card is shorted to ground.

What is ADT?

On a Sigma?


Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in s.d.ca

I have a CSD 75 T kaeser and my question is if in FLA the compressor runs 96A and the drivemotor runs 84A why the main contactor overload is set to 56A acording to manual. it is configurated star delta

According to the manual:


If it’s been sitting awhile, I’ve attached info that may be pertinent.
Is the rad getting hot/warm? I.E., is the thermostatic valve letting oil through the cooler, or bypassing it?
Is the oil stop valve being energized and opening? This would keep all oil out of the air end if not.

Please don’t YELL. Thanks, and good luck.


We have 2 SM11 units and had the same issue, went through everything, including replacing the thermostat. I would check your hoses specifically the hose that runs from the compressor to the thermostatic block. ours was down to a pin hole and not allowing enough oil to go to the cooler fast enough. Also we had a lot of buildup in the large hose on the top back of the unit that connects to the top of the cooler. The hoses are about $250 for the pair.

Has anybody seen temp.display erratic readings?enough to shut machine down? asd 25 .new probe twice.new thermostats twice(with defective elements)mach does not overheat but shuts down on alarm adat mess.

Asd 25 .replaced temp.probe twice over 5 yrs.watching the temp on display as machine warms from cold start,smooth increase in steady graduations till approx.190° ,then fluctuates +/- up to 10° then mach shuts down.wait a minute restart.50 % chance it stays on then drops back to normal operating temp…

…And the replacement parts seemed to have fixed it?
The fluctuation could be the sensor or wiring. E.G. the connector into the harness or into the controller. The controller is what ultimately converts the voltage across the sensor, so it’s also possible there’s something going on there.
OTOH, that you can wait a bit and then it comes good, suggests either vibration and/or heat sensitivity of the sensors. Maybe you could talk to somebody from Kaeser to see if there’s a different, better part you can try?

Dear sir,
My Kaeser ASD37 is well regularly maintained. Oil, filters, has just replaced a month ago.
Today it has problem of overheating airend. and all recorded data has been erased by unknown causes.
Oil temperature gradually increase when in loading mode, until it reach the top limit (110 deg.Celcius), then shutting down.
Please advise and what should to do?

Surabaya, Indonesia

Have you verified the exhaust fan is operational?
Blown out the radiators?
Did this come up suddenly, or if you were doing maintenance, was the airend temp slowly rising prior to the shutdown event?

Exhaust fan, radiator, oil, is clean n just fine. No strange noise. Yes sir, running in Loading mode would make the airend temp is rising then finally shutdown by it self.

Uh, sorry. What I meant was, had it been noticed that the airend was running progressively hotter, before it got to shutdown temp?
Put another way, had anyone been monitoring it before the shutdowns started?
What’s the duty cycle? Do you leave it on all the time, or shut down at night or weekends?
Any change in demand on it? Like new equipment?
How many hours on it (I understand you may have to guess)
Is it recording data now?