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Air Compressor Intake Silencer & Muffler GUIDE, Reviews & Information

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Pneumatic mufflers are commonly found on air intakes on compressor systems to help reduce the noise levels of the compressor. This article will provide all the relevant information on air compressor intake silencers and examples of products available online!

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What is an Air Compressor Intake Silencer?

Air compressors create quite a lot of noise when they operate. One way to help reduce this noise is to install an air compressor intake silencer, also known as a muffler.

Noise occurs in air compressor systems as a result of fast-moving turbulent air colliding with static air. A significant amount of this high-frequency pulsating noise produced by an air compressor comes from the air intake.

As the compressor rotates, onrushing air is drawn past a reed flapper valve, which rattles and vibrates on each pulse. Air compressor intake silences can help to reduce these pulsations and subsequently reduce the sound level.

Pneumatic intake silencers usually connect to ports using a threaded male end. Manufacturers do, however, provide products that are compatible with the most common thread standards.

Mufflers tend to also combine several functions in a single assembly for space savings and simplicity. Air compressor intake muffling devices are typically constructed as air compressor muffler filter combination devices for this reason. Allowing you to not only reduce the noise of the system but block any contaminants from flowing into the compression chambers.

Intake Filter Clarke Champ Air Model Ac20018
Intake Filter Clarke Champ Air Model Ac20018

How Does an Air Compressor Intake Silencer Work?

As air enters the device, it is baffled through tubes and other methods using noise-damping elements. These elements help to reduce the sound produced by air rushing through the intake, while also keeping flow restriction to the absolute minimum.

An air compressor muffler is installed directly at the air intake, and along with other mufflers in the system, can help reduce the noise of an air compressor down 15 to 35 dB from an unmuffled compressed air system.

Note: a reduction of 10dB equates to cutting sound levels in half!

Below is a good YouTube example of the difference between using and not using an air compressor intake muffler!

Air Compressor Intake Silencers Online

First up is this Walfront air compressor silencer filter which has a 1/2″ male thread size.

This is a great option for reducing the noise of your filter and is a great replacement option. Perfect accessories for air filters, quite easy to install. Used widely on the admitting port of air filters, can greatly reduce the noise of air intake.

Its best features are being used for air inlets, and can effectively block the dust in the air moisture. It is able to reduce the filter noise at work while also greatly helping to improve the efficiency of air silencer filters and longevity. This intake silencer is typically suitable for oil-less intake operations.

Next up, we have a Solberg GS-06-050 inlet air compressor silencer filter. The component comes with a 1/2″ Male PT outlet rated at 12 SCFM and boasts terrific reviews by customers.

Along with the usual benefits of compressor intake muffler filters, this product has a low entry velocity air gap between the base and cover. It’s has a durable carbon steel construction with a baked enamel finish and a center bracket located for minimal flow restriction.

It is also possible to acquire pressure drop graphs, as they’re available upon request, to better investigate these types of silencer filters. This product is associated with a great design and build quality, as well as being compact and easy to install.

The Solberg GS-10-075 inlet compressor air silencer filter below has a 3/4″ Male PT outlet and is rated for 25 SCFM.

This compressor muffler filter can be associated with great quality and effectiveness. The majority of the reviews credit the construction of the filter, how well it reduces sound as well as its durability.

Finally, we have another Solberg air silencer filter, the FS-15-100 this time with a 1″ Male PT outlet, and is rated for 35 SCFM.

Similar to the previous model, this model boasts a low-pressure drop center bracket located for minimal flow restriction and outlet pipe design. Pressure drop graphs again are available upon request.

The key benefit this compressor muffler filter offers is that it has a tubular silencing design. The tube is positioned to maximize attenuation and airflow while also minimizing pressure drop.

These are all but a few of the air compressor silencer filters available online, with Solberg being one of the biggest OEM providers available. They offer a wide range of high-quality filter silencers that deaden noise and aim to offer exceptional performance in very tough industrial environments. These compact designs are used for filtration protection, noise attenuation (silencing), and vent breather applications.

For more information, and to look at their range of products, visit their website here!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do air compressor silencers work?

Yes, air compressor silencers can help to reduce the noise of compressed air systems. In some cases, they may be able to reduce the noise levels by between 15 dB and 35 dB which can make a significant difference!

How do you muffle an air compressor?

The best way to muffle an air compressor is to insert an air compressor muffler or silencer onto the air intake valve or exhaust. A significant amount of high-frequency pulsating noise comes from both of these components.

Can you add a muffler to an air compressor?

Yes, you can add mufflers to various places on an air compressor. The most notable locations are on the exhaust or intake. Mufflers can help in reducing the noise level of the air compressor, and bring it down to a more acceptable number.

How do you fix a noisy air compressor?

To fix a noisy air compressor there are a number of steps you can take. First of all, you could cover some parts of your air compressor with rubber to help reduce the vibrations and make it quieter, even the motor. You could also place rubber mats underneath the compressor or cover it to help reduce the vibrations too. Modifying the intake and exhaust systems by adding mufflers/silencers can significantly help to reduce the overall noise levels. If none of those work then maybe you should rethink getting a new, and quieter air compressor.

If you have any questions regarding air compressor intake silencers, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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