Air Compressor Blowing Air Out Intake? Problem Solved!

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Is your compressor pressure problem giving you fits?

With so many questions and responses about why an air compressor does not build pressure and compressor pressure problems, I am adding a number of pages of information to address this issue. This is another in this series of information pages about compressor pressure problems.

If you have a compressor pressure problem, you can post a question at the end of this page and get some help!

Compressor will not build pressure?

By: Mark, McComb, OH. I think the reed valve is not sealing, but it looks okay. Everything in the head looks clean and in good shape. The piston has good suction. What can I do to repair it if it all looks good?


Howdy Mark. When the compressor is running, is there a puffing or a pulse of air out the intake valve? You might pull the intake filter and carefully place your finger near the intake port to feel if there is pressure. If no air is coming out, then logically the only place the compressed air can go is into the tank.

Now, assuming that there is no mechanical issue with your compressor, then why isn’t the pressure rising? Well, if you have a gasket failure inside the compressor head, then the air is simply moving back and forth inside, and not getting pushed into the tank at all. I suspect that may be the reason why your air compressor will not build pressure.


Comment from Mark

Found the problem – by: Mark. When I posted my original question, I thought that everything in the head looked good but I did not realize that there was another gasket and spacer still stuck to the head when I removed it. I removed the spacer and gasket and found that the gasket was blown out between the intake and exhaust ports. I made a gasket from cheap gasket material and it has been working good for over a month.

Compressor will not build pressure?

By: herbert smith

Roebuck, sc 29376. Compressor blows air out the filter on top of compressor and will not build pressure above 50 psi.


Howdy Herbert.

If it is the intake port that is blowing air out when the compressor is running it would suggest to me that your intake valve has failed, and your compressor is pulling air in, and then some of it is blowing back out the intake port, and not compressed into the tank. At 50 PSI, the intake and out-blow seems to be almost equal, and the pressure won’t get any higher than that despite how long the compressor runs.

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Have a Tooty 1.6 hp compressor and it won’t go over 25 psi, is that normal

i have a Curtis compressor it seems to have good suction and when i take the line going to the tank off it seems to blow air but the tank dose not fill whats up ? where would the air be going?

Possibly back into the pump. There’s a good chance the exhaust valve is stuck open or otherwise broken.

What model pump? Pix if you can’t find it.

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my loader valve is building more air to the point that the tube/hose pops cause by air, thinking that my check valve has problem but when it stop there is no air leak from my check valve.

Sorry Belson, I don’t understand. The “loader valve” is a term I don’t recognize. The pump is what builds air, not a valve. What tube, hose pops off? Please add a comment with the make and model and your compressor, and please click the camera icon in the comment area to upload a photo of the compressor, in particular, where the tube is that “pops off”. Thanks.

Air Compressor suction filter cubicle exploded, what could have caused this?

EXploded, as opposed to IMploded?
Either way, how ’bout giving us a model number? And probably some pix of the area that broke would also be helpful…

What could cause air to blow through the inlet air filter of a running compressor?

Am I correct in understanding that air is blowing “back out” of the compressor intake filter while the compressor is running? That being the case, this page is for you: