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Performing electrical troubleshooting on air compressors can be complex.

Even though for well over a decade now I, and many contributors to this site, have been helping folks size their air compressors, guiding the installation of compressed air plumbing, help them understand SCFM and provide guidance as to how their air system works I am leery of providing electrical advice.

Through this website I get tons of requests for information on electrical troubleshooting air compressors. I am not an electrician. I understand how compressors work, and the interface between electrical power supply, the pressure switch and the electric compressor motor. I have no problem electrically troubleshooting my own air compressors for if I err, I will pay the consequences.

Electrical troubleshooting compressors - compressor pressure switch
Even wiring a simple pressure switch can be hazardous if you aren’t careful.

Where possible, I will be happy to provide information about my experiences with electrical troubleshooting compressors, but mostly I hope that expert visitors, with their greater experience in the electrical side of things, will contribute to help those folks in need of some air compressor guidance.

If you have a compressor electrical problem you would like help with, please use the form. If you can offer advice to those seeking information, even if that advice is that it is time to take your air compressor motor to the shop, or some such, then please, click on the comments below and add your advice for those folks that have already posted.

For your support over the years, I thank you.

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