I’m working with a new Atlas Copco 50 hp ivr reciprocating air compressor.

My problem is when i start compressor after few minutes it shows COMPRESSOR MOTOR CONVERTER TIME OUT.

I have reset but repeatedly it shows same error.

Please let me know what is the actual problem.

Thank you in advance!


Same problem… by dennis
(maryville tennessee)

250z atlas copco (fault) compressor motor converter time out – does anyone know what the cause is


Me too Converter problem
by: Hasan

We have GA 50W VSD ..Now the problem of moter converter time out on display.plz tell me why the resin of problem and how to solve its problem…..


Atlas Copco ZR250VSD converter time out
by: Anonymous

Dear all,

i have the same issue on my ZR250VSD. after completed maintenance, we turned on power, started and appeared the error “converter time out”, could not reset. now waiting for OEM coming.


Check for compressor motor converter time out
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

* Check communication cable
* Isolate converter from module, and use the VSD simulation software to test whether module or converter is at fault.

–> A PC and RS485 <-> RS232 converter box is required as well as the DFM4win cable) is required.The cable is to be connected in place of converter cable connection. If the RS485 port is faulty ==> new module is required.
– Replace modbus adapter card

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