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by Leroy Chauvin III
(New Orleans, LA 70118)

Have a 2005 Sullair 185 compressor. John Deere turbo diesel engine.

Getting 3 flashes from the SSAM.

Sullair 185 Construction Compressor
Sullair 185 Construction Compressor

Replaced engine oil and filter. Still gets 3 flashes and shuts down.

Getting 55psi of oil pressure, verified with mechanical gauge. Will only stay running if you ground the wire that hooks to the sensor/switch.

Have replaced the sensor/switch with one matched up from Napa auto parts. Still shutting down and showing 3 flashes.

I need the correct PN for the oil pressure sensor/switch.


Oil Pressure switch number
by: Anonymous

02250130-668 direct from Sullair as they install it after the motor leaves John Deere.

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