by Robert

I have a atlas air compressor Xas 185 jd7 that starts up but once I let go of the crank position and it goes in to the run position it turns off won’t stay on?

Atlas Copco XAS 185 JD7


Atlas Xas 185 jd7 won’t stay on

by Cesar
(Paterson N.J. U.S.A.)

Atlas Xas 185 jd7 won’t stay on

It cut off right after I let the main switch go back

atlas xas wont stay running
by: gerry

i was reading this and i have the same issue. so i bypassed the temp switch and it runs about 60 seconds now then it dies. it will crank right back up and do the same thing again. thanks

Compressor Oil Temp Switch Under Compressor Pump
by: Gary Pearson

Your compressor oil temperature switch is bad. Take the two wires off and put them together and engine should start. Order another switch you do not want to run it long without it connected in case the compressor oil is getting too hot.

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