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Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure – Solutions & Causes

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This article will serve as a hub for all issues related to Husky Branded air compressors not building pressure. It’s a very common problem for Husky Air Compressors to fail in a way that means they will not build any air pressure, and so, this article will present the reasons why this occurs, along with current reader questions and answers.

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Why My Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure

5 most common reasons your Husky air compressor will no longer build air pressure:

  1. Husky compressor intake valve failing
  2. Husky compressor pump pressure valve failing
  3. Husky compressor gasket failure
  4. Husky compressor piston seal failure
  5. Husky tank check valve is compromised

Failed Pump Intake Valve

If it is the intake valve that has failed, then the compressor will draw air in on one cycle, but then that air will blow right back out the intake valve.

Failed Pressure Switch

If it is the pressure valve or pressure switch in the valve plate that is the source of the problem, air will flow into the tank through the pressure valve on the compression stroke, but then be drawn right back out of the tank as the piston cycle to try and draw more air in through the intake valve.

Failed Compressor Pump Gasket

The flow path of the intake air inside the pump head is often only separated from the flow path of the pressurized air to the tank by a gasket. It is possible that your compressor is working fine, but as it is cycling, the air is flowing back and forth across a failed gasket inside the pump instead of being forced into the tank.

Failed Compressor Pump Piston Rings

If the rings are defective, the pumps will lose pressure and compression strength. This can also reduce the pump’s efficiency to optimize the production of compressed air.

Failed Tank Check Valve

When the tank check valve becomes defective, the discharge head of the pump will receive a high pressure of air. It will affect the pump’s motor and might stop it from restarting anytime the tank is full.

How To Diagnose Why Your Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure

Please visit our Why An Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure & How To Fix A Compressor Not Building Pressure guide for detailed information on each, along with how to conduct the necessary checks! If you’re wondering why your air compressor won’t stop running, we also have a guide on this!

Reader Questions and Responses

Husky Air Compressor Not Building Pressure Above 10 PSI of Air Pressure?

A Husky compressor is rated to build up to 175 PSI in the tank before it shuts itself off, but now the Husky compressor will only build 10 PSI of air and then stop. What’s causing this? Husky Air Compressor Not Reaching Cut Off Pressure.

Husky compressors are the “house brand” of the Home Depot chain of home improvement stores and are available in a variety of sizes, motor HPs, tank sizes, etc.

Husky Air Compressor Won't Build Pressure - Solutions & Causes

Since I don’t know the specific model number of the Husky in question, I’ll have to guess that it’s an electrically driven air compressor, with a mid-size tank, and a single-cylinder compressor pump like the one in the image above. With this criteria we can figure out what’s causing the problem with a Husky that only generates 10 PSI of air then stops, and the same issues may be at fault if you, too, have a compressor that is stopping at a pressure other than the normal cut out setting of that brand.

The first thing to consider is how the Husky compressor stopping at 10 PSI? Is the air compressor shutting off? Is the Husky still running but the air build stops at 10 PSI (or whatever pressure your brand of compressor stops building air at?).


Let’s look at the scenario where the compressor is stopping… it shuts off… at 10 PSI.

One cause of the compressor shutting down at 10 PSI is the pressure switch itself. Has the pressure switch tripped to non-passing, which means there is no power flowing through it when the compressor reached 10 PSI in the tank?

To check that you’ll need a voltmeter of some sort. Pull the cover from the switch and check the terminals on the motor side. If there is no power there, and there is power on the supply side of the switch, then the switch is likely the issue.

They can be fixed, there are pages on this site about folks that have done so, but for this person, the aggro of trying to find parts and figuring out how to rebuild a pressure switch makes that a poor option, and I’ll simply acquire a new one.

Another cause of the Husky shutting off at 10 PSI could be electrical.

If the Husky compressor is stopping at 10 PSI and only run a short time before they shut down the pump or the motor cannot have had time to build much heat. Is the motor unusually hot given that it cannot have run for long?

If so, that points to the power supply as possibly being the issue. Has the Husky compressor been moved to another location? Is an extension cord being used to power the compressor? If so, remove the extension cord (use a longer air hose instead) and relocate the compressor to the outlet where it worked properly. Did that resolve it?

If it’s the same location and an extension cord is not being used, then the power supply problem is quite possible for the motor capacitor. I won’t get into details here about what they are or how to check them as the pages on this site that discuss this are easily accessed using the sitemap page or the search box.

You will need to be sure that the capacitor is not the problem.


This scenario has nothing to do with the power or power supply to the Husky compressor, but most likely has to do with a problem with the compressor pump.

If the piston seal is worn, the piston can cycle up and down or back and forth, and air simply passes the seal once the back pressure reaches 10 PSI. That means a new piston seal is required.

One symptom of a worn piston seal is that air can sometimes be felt blowing up the oil fill tube and out the oil fill vent when the compressor is running. If this is the scenario on the compressor, bet on the piston seal as being all or part of the problem why air pressure in the tank only gets to 10 PSI and no higher.

Another common pump problem when it no longer builds pressure is that the pump flapper valves have failed, either the low pressure or the high-pressure valve.

If the low-pressure flapper valve has failed, that’s the intake valve, and air often can be felt blowing back out of the intake port when the compressor is running.

If the high-pressure valve has failed, air may still be drawn into the pump but once the tank pressure reaches 10 PSI in this case if the high-pressure flapper doesn’t seal properly, instead of air being blown into the tank to increase pressure, it goes virtually nowhere. That’s a bit harder to diagnose.


Another problem that occurs in pumps is the gasket that isolates the low-pressure side of the pump head from the high-pressure side works OK until the back pressure reaches the 10 PSI, and then it is no longer strong enough to keep the higher pressure air on the high-pressure side of the pump, a hole is blown open in the gasket, and air flows back and forth between the two sides of the pump, with only 10 PSI worth going into the tank.

If the Husky compressor is experiencing any of the above, it’s time to tear down the pump, and certainly replace the flapper valves and gasket(s), and if long use and wear are the reasons why the problem occurs in the first place, it’s probably time to replace the piston seal too.

Good luck, and let us know if this page helped with your Husky compressor, won’t you?

Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure Above 80 PSI


It’s a Husky Air Scout compressor.

While working a job. Switched to a longer brad nail to attach some Trax composite trim. Wouldn’t shoot brad nailers completely. Released air valve for tank. The compressor ran but wouldn’t reach 115psi.

Husky Air Scout air compressor
Husky Air Scout air compressor


“Compressor ran but wouldn’t reach 115psi.” OK. That you were changing air nailer sizes shouldn’t have anything to do with this. It is likely (I think) just a coincidence.

That the compressor runs and runs but doesn’t get past 115 PSI can most often be nailed down to one (or more than one) of three things. The intake or pressure valves are failing, the piston rings are failing, or a gasket in the pump lets go at 115 PSI and the air simply circulates inside the pump.

There are some checks you can do, those are noted on the pages on this site. Maybe do some of them and let us know what’s what?


Hello, I’m please post if you found the problem as my old husky oilless started doing this today also.


Hello, I commented yesterday asking if you found a solution as my husky was also only able to build pressure up to 80 psi.

After taking it apart I found the piston ring was torn. The piston was pressed together and I tried working it apart with a chisel but ended up breaking a chunk off the piston.

I plan to trash it as it’s not worth putting money into this old compressor.


TA-2530B Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure Past 40 PSI


The compressor will not build pressure past 40 psi. The motor continues to run. The regulator will only adjust from 0-40 psi.

Husky TA2530B air compressor
Husky TA2530B air compressor

All water has been drained from the tank. Removed the air intake filter and covered the opening with my hand and felt suction.

With the air filter in place sometimes it felt like the air was coming out of the intake holes. The compressor is only used occasionally to fill mower tires, blow off chainsaws and remove mower blades.


See the page under troubleshooting about why air compressors run and don’t build pressure, for some additional things to check.

See the regulator page for a better understanding of how regulators work.

That you are feeling air coming out of the intake filter suggests an intake valve failure and will likely mean a pump valve replacement kit will be necessary.

TA-2530B Model Husky Air Compressor Not Building Pressure


I have a Husky TA-2530B compressor which runs fine but only builds up around 50 psi.

I also noticed a drop in the noise level.

I have taken the cylinder head off and cleaned the valve assembly which doesn’t appear to be damaged.

There are no leaks anywhere although air is coming from the hole in the oil filler cap and it seems to be coming from the air intake filter.

I’m at a loss. The unit is in very good condition only 2 years old.


This comment “although air is coming from the hole in the oil filler cap” suggests that you have air bypassing the piston seals, and pressurizing the oil sump.

This comment “seems to be coming from the air intake filter” is indicative of a failing intake valve, which is allowing air to escape back out of the intake filter when the pump is on the compression stroke.

The noise change could also indicate a gasket leaking.

My suggestion is to acquire and install a new valve and gasket kit, which should go far to solve the problems you have noted.

Problem With a Husky TA2530 Reed Valve


They, Husky, or Home Depot do not have a replacement reed valve nor could I find one anywhere. Campbell Hausfeld sold an identical unit and they do not service this part either. What a shame that a less than a dollar part causes users to through away an otherwise good little compressor.

So, I made the exhaust reed valve out of two .010 feeler gauges and plugged the center hole with a set 5/16 Allen head set screw. You have to file down the set screw to clear the hold-down bracket and make sure it does not protrude too far into the compression chamber.

Another example of consumer built-in obsolescence.

What a shame and waste of resources.


Call 877-636-0533 which is the Chinese company that makes the compressor. They are in Tennessee and a very nice man by the name of Larry will sell you the exhaust valve and gasket. Just got mine on 5/19/2017.

(Moderator note: according to my phone number check, the number shown in this post is from a Husky compressor manual and is the number shown to find your local repair outlet).

Husky Model WL660500AJ Air Compressor Will Not Build Pressure Over 40 PSI


HUSKY 22 GAL WL660500AJ will not build pressure over 40 psi and continues running.

I read the troubleshooting article and am not sure if it applies to me.

Turned the compressor off, no leaks. Holds the 40 psi for days. Thought the tank gauge was broken, replaced it. Same problem.

I bought this compressor for $50 used, and many parts appear not to be original. (30 ft elect cord, tank gauge placement) I am not afraid to sink a little money and time into it. I have a pump/motor on order. Any other suggestions. The pump is WL390002AJ. I should probably shorten the cord, but how much? This is a small motor/pump maybe 1 or 2 hp oiless. Appreciate any suggestions CH also has a similar version.


Paul, that the tank holds air tells me that the check valve is working.

Unplug it, drain the tank, close the drain, and plug it back in. Now, if you can pull the intake air filter, feel the port to see if you can tell if it’s pulling air in, or pulling in and puffing back out.

If it is puffing air out the intake port, then you have a valve problem.

Let me know if this helps via a post to this thread, please.

Husky 30 Gallon Quiet Series Air Compressor Not Building Pressure


my husky 30 gallon “quiet series” turns on when plugged into the wall but it will not fill up with any air or pressure.


Do you get any pressure build-up at all Robert or it just runs with zero pressure build?

If you pop over to the site map page under troubleshooting and follow the links to the page about why air compressors will not build pressure, you will see some checks you can do. Do them, and then add a comment here with what you found, OK?

Husky 2.5 Gal Air Compressor is Not Building Pressure


Doesn’t want to build any pressure zero husky 2.5 gal. still new only a few hours, it hums like a vacuum cleaner it releases the air


Pedro, are you saying that your air compressor will not start, and just makes a humming sound instead of pumping air?

And, please, what do you mean by “it releases the air “?

Please post your responses as a comment here so I can follow the thread.


Husky Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure Above 60 PSI


My husky compressor just keeps running, up to about 60 psi in the tank, and then won’t go higher. a week ago it would run to about 90 psi and keep running at no higher pressure.

Does not leak out when off, holds the pressure pretty well for a week or so.

What is wrong? Should I just trash this thing?


Well, whether or not you trash it depends on how handy you are, whether you have time to tear it down and rebuild it if necessary, and if the cost of air compressor parts necessary is higher than you wish as compared to the price of a new air compressor.

You don’t indicate the model or the age, but if you’ve gotten good life out of it, and don’t want the hassle of repairing it, keep the usable parts (pressure switch, PRV, gauges, regulator, etc.) for spare parts and get a new air compressor.

See the sitemap page under troubleshooting for a link to a page about why an air compressor runs but stops building pressure. Do the checks. That may help you decide.


If you have any questions about Husky air compressor not building pressure, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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