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What type of oil does a small husky compressor use? The compressor just stopped working while using it. Any suggestions.


John, your idea of small and mine may differ. Would be good to know the model.

However, the issue of what oil to use pops up pretty often, so there’s a page about it on this site.

pop over here: Compressor has an oil issue Full info there about compressor oil.

The troubleshooting page offers links to a bunch of pages about what to check when an air compressor will not run. It’s all there, and perhaps you might have a look and then, post a comment here with details about what you found and we’ll press on if need be.


Vent hole in cap?
by: John

Bill I do not see a vent hole in this cap? Its just a solid plastic cap? Can you tell me the part number for this cap?
Typically the inside of the cap has a foam insert, and there is a small hole through the plastic under this foam.

While it is possible your oil fill cap is not vented, if it were not, in time, your oil level in the sump would drop and the sump area would pull a vacuum or pull air down past the piston seals to stabilize the pressure in the sump. So there must be some way for air to get into and out of your sump.

I cannot locate any information on your Husky 10228 compressor, however.

Another visitor posted this info: “Turns out Campbell Hausfeld is the original mfr of the Husky line for Home Depot. Their website is Their toll free number is 1-800-543-6400 ” so you might try them, but you will need both the model number and serial number of the compressor to try and get assistance from them.