Compressor Has An Oil Issue

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Your compressor has an oil issue, does it?

Many, many requests come into this website from folks questioning what to do when their compressor has an oil issue.

If one of your compressor oil issues is an oil change, if you want some step by step instructions on how to change your compressor oil in a typical DIY type air compressor, this site has a page on how to change the oil and the right oil to use.

Also, please check out the video below in which a much younger me explains what is the default oil to use in your small or workshop reciprocating air compressor.

Video About Compressor Oil

No Idea About Compressor Oil at all?

If your compressor has an oil issue that isn’t covered or been addressed by other questions and responses listed below then please add your question about compressor oil using the form at the bottom of the page.

If you can add some advice as a comment, that too would be much appreciated.



Additional oil reading:

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As in contact, or in spray painting?
If the latter, no more that conventional oil, if it’s filtered properly. You might want to consider an oil-free compressor of you’re painting. Still needs water filtering, but no oil to worry about.

Thanks Doug for the info yes it was in spray painting as a hobbyist i am updating my 30 year old devilbiis that has all ways had conventional compressor oil in it. With a IR compressor and they offer extra pump warranty if i used synthetic oil. But it is chemical made an never herd anybody say anything about it. I have all ways heard use only non detergent compressor oil especially for spray painting. As for as a oil free compressor i bought a new used 60 gal craftsman a few years ago to just paint with but would… Read more »

OK, you can get non-detergent full synthetic, but from what I’ve heard, synthetic motor oil works OK too. Yes it’s chemically made, but so is regular motor oil. Synthetic just doesn’t start out as crude. It’s more consistent and stronger than conventional.

I have a Pro Air ll, 6 ho, 60 gal. twin cylinder oil free compressor by DeVilbiis Air Power Company. It’s probably about 20 years old, but I got it 5 years ago. It works well, but makes a lot of noise. Since it’s in an noise-reducing box, I can’t get to it to find any places to lubricate it. Plus, the company is non-existent now. Does it need to be lubed on a regular basis? If so, where are the points for that?

Devilbiss Air power became devair, which is now DV Systems.
The piston “rings” may be shot if it’s making more noise then in the past.
It’s relatively modern, so it probably doesn’t have any lubrication requirements.
Can you get us a model number? Failing that, maybe some pix?

Which oil do you recommend to use on CAPS Electric compressor??

CAPS what? (model)
But as it says above, “compressor oil” from the local big box is generally OK for small compressors.