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Husky Air Compressor Leaking Air

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Air leaks can be a significant source of wasted energy on Husky air compressors. They will cause pressure drops in the system, as well as resulting in additional energy costs. This article will provide why your Husky air compressor leaks air, and the most likely locations if you’re looking to diagnose and fix the issue!

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Reasons Why Air Is Leaking From Husky Air Compressor

Husky air compressors leak air for a number of reasons. It could be that the fittings are not sealed, the hose or pipe has a crack, or a compromised component that needs replacing. Here’s a list of the most common components that may be causing your Husky air compressor to leak:

  • Condensate traps
  • Couplings
  • Cylinder rod packing
  • Disconnects
  • Filters
  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Hoses
  • Lubricators
  • Point-of-use devices
  • Pipe joints
  • Pressure regulators
  • Shut-off valves
  • Thread sealants

Two of the most common queries on this topic are Husky air compressor regulator leaking and pressure relief valve leaking on Husky air compressor. To help you diagnose your Husky air leak, you typically have 3 methods to choose from:

  1. Listening and feeling – is the simplest method, but not always the most accurate.
  2. Applying soapy water to an area where a leak is suspected – is a reliable but time-consuming method.
  3. Using an ultrasonic leak detector – is the best method and has quickly become an industry standard.

For more information on how to find and fix leaks on your air compressor, visit our guide!

Reader Questions & Response

Husky Air Compressor 30 Gallon Leaks – Troubleshooting Husky Compressor


I have a husky 32 gallon air compressor, model number VT631502AJ. The compressor turns on and shuts off automatically fine, but the problem is once it reaches max air pressure and auto shut off, it blows air from the unloader. I pinpointed where it was coming from and I ask the same question earlier but wanted to make sure if it was the check valve for sure. Thanks for the first response again.


Husky Pro VT631503AJ 30 Gallon Air Compressor
Husky Pro VT631503AJ 30 Gallon Air Compressor

You need to turn off the compressor, empty the tank of air, pull the compressor check valve, and ensure that it is doing the job it’s supposed to.

If air can bypass the check valve it will continue to blow out the unloader valve (while the compressor is off) until the pressure in the tank bleeds down to the point where the compressor cuts in.

If the power to the compressor is off, the tank will fully empty through the unloader.

So, first, check the tank check valve.

Husky 7 hp Air compressor Leaking Air


My Husky 7 hp (peak) vertical 15 CFM unit seems to be leaking air at or around the valve area. This is a new problem

This unit is a 230 volt, two-stage 80-gallon industrial-sized compressor. When I got it several years ago, and up until recently, the unit would turn on, pump to 175 PSI, and shut off, all quietly.

Now, the unit seems to run non-stop, and I hear the sound of escaping air somewhere around and behind the pressure valves, other fittings on the mounting plate for the dials, and the knob that you turn to regulate the final pressure – I can’t really tell where the air is coming from.

Something has changed, and I am not sure what. All the fittings seem to be tight, and the unit eventually makes pressure, but the “leaking air sound” is new, and the unit takes much longer to get to 175 psi.

Can you help?




John, it is difficult to be sure since you, and by extension, me, don’t know where the air is leaking from.

You don’t include a model number so I can’t find a photo of your compressor to try and see the problem from afar.

What it may be is that the tank check valve (see that page for details if you need them) has debris or has failed close a bit, and the air is bleeding back out when it shouldn’t.

If this were my compressor I would power down, drain the air, pull the line from where it enters the tank, pull the check valve, and either clean or replace it.

Then power up and see.

Let me know what you find as a comment here, please.

Husky Air Compressor Leaking Air – Husky Air Compressor Troubleshooting


I have a Husky 32-gallon air compressor 165 psi and when the red knob on the manifold is tightened air starts to leak from it.

This is a fairly new compressor.

Husky 33 gallon compressor information plate
Husky 33 gallon compressor information plate

I’ve used it multiple times and just all of a sudden when tightened the red knob on the manifold air starts to leak from it. I have taken the knob off and inspected all parts and they all look good. What could be the problem?


Eddie, are you trying to increase the downstream pressure setting, or lower it?

After you have adjusted the pressure on the regulator knob does the leaking stop?


Bill, it leaks when I try to increase air pressure.


And when you stop adjusting the pressure, does the leak continue, or stop?


It continues to leak. Only when it’s completely decreased doesn’t leak


Well, Eddie, that suggests strongly that your regulator diaphragm has been perforated.

Perhaps by oil degradation, heat, long use, whatever, they don’t last forever.

I suspect it’s time for a new one.

If you do get a new one, do take the old one apart so you can see what’s inside, and perhaps spot where the leak occurred.

If you do that, please start a new thread and upload some photos of the damaged diaphragm, will you?


I appreciate it. I will certainly upload photos of anything I may find once I swap them out. Thanks for the help.

Useful Pages on Air Compressor Leaks

If you have any questions regarding a Husky air compressor leaking air, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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