by Andrew
(innisfil Ontario)

i have a husky 60gal 3.2hp compressor i hook it up and it builds to about 25psi and then starts to struggle and trips the breaker.

When i reset the breaker the motor wont turn it just hums any thoughts?

Lots of thoughts, Andrew. Some I can even share with you and fellow readers. 🙂

Your motor is struggling to run against load.

I am guessing, as you did not include the model number so I cannot check, that your compressor is running on a 120 volt supply?

If so, and if you are using an extension cord, stop it. Plug the compressor directly into a wall socket and see if that makes any difference.

I don’t know how old your air compressor is, so I don’t know if checking to make sure the intake filter is clean is useful, but do it anyway, just in case.

Post any results here as a comment, and we’ll hunt further if the above doesn’t help.



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