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Husky Air Compressor Keeps Tripping Circuit Breaker – Solutions & Reasons

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When a circuit breaker trips, it shuts down the air compressor system, and work comes to a halt. When a Husky air compressor trips breaker, it’s a worrying issue, as you’ll no longer be able to use your air tools.

Therefore, it is important to understand the reasons why your Husky air compressor is tripping breaker, and so, this article will provide you with all the relevant information, along with existing reader questions and responses.

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Reasons Your Husky Air Compressor Trips Breaker

Here is a table summarizing the most common reasons your Husky air compressor is tripping breaker:

The air filter If it is dirty, you will need to replace it
Broken extension cordThey are notorious for throttling power, and therefore you may be underpowering your compressor motor by using one
Clogged cylindersMay hinder performance and trip breaker. You should inspect the cylinders (if your compressor has any)
Faulty circuit breaker If it is the circuit breaker itself that is faulty, replace
Faulty motorThe motor windings or any other electrical connections inside the motor may be shorting and this sudden flow of electricity pulls too many amps, tripping the breaker
Failed capacitorA failing capacitor can cause the breaker to trip, you should seek professional help to test this
Failed unloader valveWhen an unloader valve fails, compressed air will become trapped over the cylinder piston and this adds to the load the compressor motor experiences on startup, tripping the breaker
Reasons Your Husky Air Compressor Trips Breaker Summary Table

For more detailed information on why an air compressor circuit breaker trips, visit our guide!

Reader Questions & Responses

Husky Air Compressor Trips Breaker – Husky Air Compressor Troubleshooting


I have a husky 60gal 3.2hp compressor I hook it up and it builds to about 25psi and then starts to struggle and trips the breaker.

When I reset the breaker the motor won’t turn it just hums any thoughts?


Lots of thoughts, Andrew. Some I can even share with you and fellow readers. 🙂

Your motor is struggling to run against load.

I am guessing, as you did not include the model number so I cannot check, that your compressor is running on a 120 volt supply?

If so, and if you are using an extension cord, stop it. Plug the compressor directly into a wall socket and see if that makes any difference.

I don’t know how old your air compressor is, so I don’t know if checking to make sure the intake filter is clean is useful, but do it anyway, just in case.

Post any results here as a comment, and we’ll hunt further if the above doesn’t help.

Husky Air Compressor Keeps Tripping Breaker


I have a 3-gallon Husky portable air compressor. It’s been working great until about a week ago.

Husky 3 Gallon Air Compressor
Husky 3 Gallon Air Compressor

Suddenly while it was running (actually just on and up to pressure) it tripped a breaker in my panel and so I flipped the breaker back on but the compressor wouldn’t come back on.

I took the cover off and found the fuse had blown. I replaced the 3 Amp 250 V fuse and it blew it as soon as I turned on the power switch. I put another fuse in and it blew it. A friend and I took the head off of the cylinder and it’s fine. The motor is not locked up because we could turn it.

Any suggestions. Could it be a bad pressure switch or a short in the circuit board possibly? Thanks for any advice you can offer.



Sparse info there. Is there a circuit board?

Anyway, does it buzz or hum as it’s blowing the fuse? Does the motor have a capacitor?

If so it’s time to check the cap(s).


Yes, it has a circuit board. It doesn’t hum or make a buzzing sound when it blows the fuse.


But, lacking that, I’d go ahead and check the cap(S) on the motor.

If they are OK, then take a look at the board for shorts/burned places.

If you have any questions regarding your Husky air compressor tripping breaker, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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