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Kobalt 1.5 HP, 10-gallon, Digitech Plus has no air

by Jim Groshas
(Pompano Beach, FL)

The compressor is not used that often. However, has a history of overheating easily.

Kobalt Digitec Air Compressor
Kobalt Digitec Air Compressor

The problem now is there is no air on the outlet?

Display reads “0” for outlet as well. It has done this before, shut off, drain and restart. But now it will not work.

Compresses fine and shuts off as normal.

Just no air on the outlet???


I would suspect the electronic regulator
by: Bill

Jim, the fancy “digital” regulator is likely pooched.

From what you’ve written you’ve got lots of air in the tank, but since the regulator isn’t working, the air cannot get past it to the discharge coupler or down to the air tool.

I don’t have a lot of good things to say about these “digital” regulation systems on cheap air compressors.

It were mine, I’d replace it with a manual, turn the knob, type.

See the page on “no air out of hose” for a step by step check about isolating the compressor problem further, and add a comment if you still have a question, K?

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