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What is the duty cycle of a Kobalt compressor model # 0300841?

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What is the duty cycle of model # 0300841, and how large an auxiliary tank could it support? Thanks…Frank K.


That species would normally be no more than 50%. “How large an auxiliary tank could it support? ” Depends on what you mean by support. It would likely fill a 120 gallon tank in a half hour, but might kill itself doing so. And most tanks aren’t cheap, so it may be a better deal to get a bigger machine.

Kobalt model 0300841 air compressor
Kobalt model 0300841 air compressor

The question is what is your intended use, says Doug from s.d.ca?

And Frank – if you are considering buying this, I’d stay away on the simple ground that the manifold is a unit casting, and apparently unavailable as a distinct part, or even as part of an assembly.

You would be able to replace it with pipe fittings, if needed, but that’s a pain.


Doug, I would primarily use air tools like angle grinders, buffers, and drivers 3/8 & 1/2. Almost always only one tool at a time. I already own the machine. Just underestimated my requirements. Frank.


You can forget running a buffer as it stands. Grinders are probably OK at least for smaller jobs. Ditto for the wrenches, assuming you’re mostly changing tires.

Here’s some info on what to expect –



How to choose a compressor from Campbell Hausfeld

You might also consider buying an additional compressor and running them in parallel.

And here is some info & questions related to your question about adding a tank –


Feel free to come back if that doesn’t answer your question.

Good luck.

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