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by Andy
(Muskegon, MI)

I have a Kobalt 22 gal 1.3HP compressor with the digital readout screen that was purchased about 3 years ago.

Recently when the compressor is turned on it will start for about a half second and then stop. It then sits for about 5 seconds and then starts again for about a half second – it will do this endlessly as long as I have it turned on.

Kobalt model 215914 air copressor
Kobalt model 215914 air copressor

Also the same time this “cycling issue” started I noticed the regulator setting would not give a readout higher than 30PSI (compressor is rated and previously went as high as 155PSI)- regulator and tank pressure both show 30PSI.

My compressor has always been plugged directly into the same dedicated outlet (15A with no other draws on that circuit).

Any thoughts as to what is causing problem and how to remedy?

I have a large 80 gal 2 stage IR, but I really would like to get the Kobalt working again as it was nice and portable for outdoor work on our farm with decent CFM flow.


Compressor digital readout screen
by: Bill

I am not a big fan of how manufacturer’s have taken a fairly simple concept and made it complex. The digital screen on this Kobalt is one such.

While I cannot be certain that this is the issue, others have reported on problems with the digital regulators and controls. If this is down, and the digital pressure reading of the compressor tank is what’s turning the compressor on and off, then this may be your problem.

Consider removing the shroud and digital controls, and install and standard pressure switch and a manual regulator at cost of about $50 plus time. At least, this is what I would do if I had a digital junk box like this one might be on which the electronics had failed.


Was motor, not digital board…
by: Anonymous

My Kobalt Model 215914 gave the identical symptoms. Thought it was the programmed control board.

Turned out to be the brushes were bad in the motor. (Don’t believe there are replacement brushes and rebuild would be a pain if even possible) The motor/pump are all one unit and run about $200+. My unit was rarely used…I agree with Bill, new tech has made things more difficult.