Parts for a 129278 Task Force air compressor

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by Doris

My husband has a Task Force air compressor.

The air compressor will not build up air pressure. My brother told him that it needs a piston.

The Model # is 129278. The Serial # is 105783. It is a 2003/2004 make.

Was wondering if you can tell me if I can get one through you or not, and also, if I can get an instruction book?

Thank you for any help you can give.



Parts for Task Force Compressor
by: Bill

Hello Doris…nice to hear from you.

I don’t know the brand Task Force myself, but it sounds like one of the compressors that can be purchased at some of the “big box” stores for DIY applications, perhaps Lowes or some such. The model number you provided returns zero information on the internet, at least that I can find.

I don’t know the HP of the compressor so I can’t determine if it’s a large or small in size. I’m guessing yours is a fairly small DIY model?

If so, recognize that the price we pay for the low cost of these types of compressors is that they are mass produced in Taiwan or mainland China, are not terribly well made, and are designed to be used infrequently on small DIY type projects. They are not industrial units.

The source for the instruction booklet will be the store where it was purchased, though, if their booklet is anything like the one I received with my “el cheapo” compressor, then it won’t tell you much.

If the store can’t tell you were to get parts, you could consider visiting a local small appliance repair depot, though I suspect that the cost of repairing your compressor might exceed the original purchase price.

I’m assuming too that you’ve checked carefully to ensure that there are no leaks, and that no air is being discharged from your compressor, while it’s running and trying to come back up to kick out pressure?

Advice? If you’re really into DIY and you want to fix your unit, look on EBay, or Craig’s list or any local internet based sales sites and see if you can pick up a unit with the same horsepower as yours for parts.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help. If anyone has advice for Doris, please let us know.


by: Doris

My dad also has a task force air compressor model #37235, 125 psi and i also can not find
parts or a web site for it if you find anything
out please post it.


Task Force Air Compressors Parts
by: Mike

Call 1 800 628 8815

Mike, thanks for this.

Folks, the number is for a company called Air Compressors Direct, and they appear to sell and support a number of brands of air compressors.

I did not see Task Force Air Compressors as part of their product line…but what the heck. If you need a part, give them a call and see what they do.



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