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Regulator on my DeWalt D55146 is stuck and the compressor will turn on but it wont build any air pressure at all?

by Damien
(Grandjunction co USA )

My dewalt 200psi d55146 will turn on but it won’t build any air pressure and my regulator is stuck, won’t move.

Dewalt 55146 Belt Driven Compressor
Dewalt 55146 Belt Driven Compressor

I think that’s why it won’t build air pressure how do I fix the regulator?


Regulator on my dewalt d55146 is stuck
by: Bill

It’s two separate issues, I’m afraid, Damien.

Even if the regulator is totally pooched, the compressor should pump the tank pressure up to the normal cut out.

That you are not building air in the tank needs to be addressed before the regulator issue, I suspect.

There are many reasons why an air compressor can run but not build pressure. I’ve written about them on pages linked from the Troubleshooting page.

After that issue is resolved, if you still need help with the regulator, please comment.

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