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Any info on Binks 33-517 out there please?

by Ron Gerlach
(North Tustin, Ca)

I have a Binks 33-517 pump that I found at an antique store some years ago. I bought it just because it looked like it could be useful.

Binks 33 517
Binks 33-517 compressor
Binks 33 517 Compressor
Binks 33-517 Compressor
Binks 33 517 Compressor Pump
Binks 33-517 Compressor Pump
Anyinfo On Binks 33517 Out There 21812657
Anyinfo On Binks 33517 Out There 21812657

Now is the time to find out. I need some specs on this puppy.

What speed to run it at?

How big of a motor is recommended?

Is it made by Quincy?


Binks 33-517 Air compressor
by: Fernando

Hey that compressor runs with a 3 belt system attached to a 5hp 240v motor but can be attached with any 40cc engines or with an equal speed of 5hp engines or motors.

You should have a sand blaster or grinder to clean it out and oil it with bar and chain oil then make sure it doesn’t have any leaks and it should run smoothly.

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