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Vintage 1976 Jun Air Model 6 – Parts Required

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by: Martha

Oh my goodness. I cannot find parts etc. They all want to sell me a new on and all I need is a new air holding tank. I’ve had my compressor for sometime. about 18 years or so.

I have problems with my tank. A small hole has developed on the underside of my holding tank and It is spraying out air etc. I’ve been told it’s obsolete etc. No parts available.

Not sure about having that hole welded or having someone replace the whole lower half of the tank itself. So frustrating. The motor runs perfect. Never had any problems with it EVER. . . til now.

The last time I ordered Syn oil it was from the USA jun-Air in MI I think. Anyway it was the SJ 27 made in Denmark.

I got no help from statewide reps on my tank issue. I’m preparing to write to Denmark etc, but I have this bad feeling that the company has been sold off. If that’s the case it does not make me happy at all.

I just love mine. . so sad it needs a new tank. . . : ((


The model number
by: Martha

Hi . . me again. That model is so old and when it was made Model 6 was it’s only designation. They had not yet started creating the 6-X naming system. By all visible examination the Model 6 is the first version of 6-15 exactly. But I have been told by USA rep that none of the Newer 6-15 parts will fit on my old Model 6.


by: Sebastian

Hi i have exactly the same one and my still work 🙂 I don’t have a sentiment like You. So i think i sold You this one 😉


Martha i have a tank
by: SteveUK

If the poster Martha hasn’t found a replacement tank or repaired the hole I can help i have the same era (vintage) model that the motor blew up (literally) the tank is a OK as i have used it with a refrigerator motor to 120 psi. I am about to strip it out for parts cause i have a new jun air to replace it with.


replacement for holding tank / SteveUK
by: Martha

Hey StevenUK. Totally missed your post. I did find someone to do some MIG welding on the hole. So good so far. Do you still have the holding tank? By now I guess it has been long gone. ??

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