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While they may have sold air compressors it seems to me that Binks air compressors were an accessory, offered by Binks to supplement their broad range of spray painting and coating equipment.

The current Binks Company – and their corporate predecessors – have over 100 years experience in coatings applications for diverse industries. Their manufacturing arm is in Tennessee, while the head office is located:

Binks Air Compressors Contact Information

Binks Corporate Offices
195 Internationale Blvd.
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
T: 1-800-99-BINKS
T: (630)237-5000

I was unable to determine who originally made the Binks air compressors for them, and when Binks stopped selling and supporting their house brand information kind of dried up.

If you have that information, please add using the form at the end of this page.

Binks Air Compressor
Binks Air Compressor

I did get an email from John, who writes… “Found out some info on the Binks compressors. Most of them were made by Quincy … and Binks assembled the packages. The 210 etc. numbers. were Quincy numbers. The Quincy QR line is the replacement. Mesa EQ. supposed to sell parts.” Thanks for that, John.

Art says “The 325 Quincy seems to be a smaller version of my Binks 33-1036. All the parts look the same.” If you visit the Quincy compressors page on this site you can download a copy of the manual, and parts lists, courtesy of Art.

This is the Binks air compressors user information page. Folks that have a Binks air compressor and have a problem can post here with a question.

Always include the model if you know it, and a couple of photos please. That will help all of us help you.

Folks that own and use Binks compressors can offer advice to any question by adding a comment. A lot of folks owning Binks air compressors could benefit from your experience with them.



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I’m looking for parts for a model 33-586
Serial # 340-32 642005 L
Thanks !


I’m looking for parts or a whole binks 325-12. I rolled mine over while moving it. Had it apart and cleaned it up a couple years ago. Shame to have to throw it out for a busted unloaded valve. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have a binks air brush compressor model 34-2025.
Does this unit run continuously or does it shut off if air brush is not in use?

A diaphragm for a model 34-3000

I’m looking for a Binks model 34-3000

By “head” you mean a bare pump? And what Bill Moderator said…