Help with older Binks compressor from Canada?

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Picked up an older Binks compressor in Canada – any help on it?

I picked up the following combination, but have not hooked up.

I was wanting to find out if I have the right combination before hooking it up.

I was told the compressor pump was just rebuilt. From the label, I’m thinking it’s a Webster, but don’t know model/specs, just have a serial #660248

The motor is a 220V 1PH 2HP 1740RPM. I picked up a 5HP 1740RPM as well in case it was more suitable.

The tank has the Binks name.

Any help in putting it together as to size of pulley, which motor, things i should check/replace (valves?), type of oil, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


I regret that the photos have gone missing. If you still have them, please upload them via a comment below. Thank you.

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