Air Compressor Oil in Binks Compressor Air Tank

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by Justin

Hello, I have a Binks gasoline powered compressor. I am having trouble keeping the oil in the compressor and it is ending up in the tank.

I am adding a few ounces of compressor oil every time I start it up. Is there anything that I should be doing differently?


Compressor oil in Binks tank
by: Bill

Hey Justin…

Be nice to have seen a photo or two of your Binks compressor. Maybe you could add them?

Typically the only way oil gets from the oil sump into the tank is by bypassing the piston seals.

From the sounds of it, your compressor piston seals are in bad shape since so much oil is getting by.

By the same token, your compressor is working harder than it should have to as not all the air being compressed is driven into the tank. Some is blowing by the piston seals into the sump.

How old is your Binks compressor, and has there been maintenance done on it? If not, maybe it’s time.


Oil in Binks compressor tank
by: Doug in

You probably do have at least some leakage by the piston, but also, what oil are you using?

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