How old is my Binks compressor

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by Richard Zeleny
(Maple Grove, Mn.)

I have an old Binks air compressor that was my dads, maybe even my grandfathers. I am trying to find out around the year it was made.

Binks Air Compressor
Binks Air Compressor
Older Binks air compressor – pump side
Binks Air Compressor
Binks Air Compressor

On the base is a template that says Binks No.2 Unit. The tag on the compressor has Model 251-T and serial G-48601, on the top of the compressor 11779, by the shaft 6A9A or 6494.

At the bottom of the air tank is 770.

The motor is a 1/2hp Kalvinator Motor 710, Model 3565, serial H-2-1, Delco Products Corp.It has an adjustable relief valve to regulate the air pressure.

My dad did some spray painting with it in the 60s. It had been sitting in the garage since the early 70s. I cleaned it up and turned it on and it works fantastic. Any information on it would be appreciated. thanks RCZ


Old Binks
by: Doug in

Cool. I don’t see the tank, where is it?


Wheres the tank
by: Rich

The tank is the ribbed unit in the middle, right next to the compressor. Its not real big but works good for paint spraying, airing up tires and such.


Best Guess
by: Becky Binks

Based on family photos I’ve seen, this is possibly from the 20s or 30s.


Ms Binks, thank you for taking the time to add a comment on this post.

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