Pressure Regulator Knob Replacement

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I have (I believe) a Sanborn BlackMax AL of 3.5 HP. Have not used it in a while. Went to use it and got no hose pressure.

Sanborn Compressor Regulator Parts
Sanborn Compressor Regulator Parts
Sanborn Compressor Regulator Parts
Sanborn Compressor Regulator Parts

Noticed that the knob and spring were laying on the floor. Apparently knob broke loose.

Looking for a replaced to these parts and do not know where to find them or part numbers.

I have included several photos of these items. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Regulator nob
by: Doug in

Absent a model number, your best bet is probably to just replace the regulator entirely.

Even with a model, it’s not likely you’ll find that part by itself.

Good luck.


Straight Line
by: Emory

Thanks Doug. It was suggested that I just add an in-line regulator at the hose output but I am unsure what to do with the existing assembly. Any thoughts.



by: Emory


Thanks again and sorry to be so thick but I thought the assembly that I pulled off it was the regulator. What am I missing here in translation?



by: Doug in

What to do with the old, existing regular depends on how it’s functioning, or not.

If it is not leaking, and it’s set to a high enough pressure, you can add a new one anywhere after it to get lower pressure.

If it is leaking, or not passing enough air for your tools, you will need to remove the old one, and figure out what you need to fit a new one into the air circuit – remove and replace.

Bear that in mind when you look for a replacement.


Regulator information
by: Bill

If you read the regulator pages on this site you’ll know all you need to know about them for almost any regulator application.

There’s even a page about how to buy a replacement.


A thought
by: Anonymous

If it’s like mine, the regulator is plumbed in so that you cannot bypass it. My diaphragm was cracked, and I cannot find a replacement. I removed the regulator internals like you have, then pulled the pressure relief valve. I placed a”T” where the relief valve was and replaced the pressure relief valve on one side, and my after market in line regulator and coupling in the other. It’s the only way to bypass the faulty regulator, and be safe.


Thanks all
by: Emory

Thank you so much for the advice.

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That knob assembly is from a Sanborn 07F350/ The part number is 092-0011. Obsolete from Sanborn (Coleman). Part could be available from EDMAC. Very expensive.