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Where can i buy a crankshaft for montgomery ward 6557?

by tony
(Brooklyn Park, mn. )

I have a montmery ward 6557, 1 hp 5.0 cfm compressor, my crankshaft snapped. can anyone help me find a crankshaft?

Help finding parts for xer 6410 1/3 hp

by Wayne Venham
(Belpre Ohio)

need valve for compressor head xer 6410 serial #07109-444666

thanks ,
Wayne Venham

Help finding a belt for a xer6418 1/2hp

by sam davis
(absarokee montana)

I need a new belt it has 6 ridges and 1/16″ wide aproximatly 21″ long doubled up it broke. thanks

Parts for XER-6431 3hp 1750rpm

where can I find replacement filters and parts

Montgomery Ward air compressor
Montgomery Ward air compressor

Can anyone help these folks and others find parts for their Montgomery Ward air compressors? If so, please post below. Thank you.