Old Jacuzzi Bros compressor – what kind of oil does it take?

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I bought this compressor used 25 years ago and have never had a problem with it”, says Robb of Salem Alabama. It’s an old Jacuzzi Bros compressor and wonder what kind of oil does it take?

Jacuzzi Brothers older air compressor
Jacuzzi Brothers older air compressor

Figured it was time to check the oil but I don’t know what kind of oil to put in it.

Please help. Thx


Jacuzzi compressor oil
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Looks to be a conventional piston pump, so the “compressor oil” at your local big-box store should be fine.


Type of oil for your compressor
by: Mike Stubblefield

Splash lubricated compressor pumps will usually use SAE 30W oil, but you CANNOT use motor oil. Look for a non-detergent, SAE-30 oil (either traditional, or synthetic).

The detergents in motor oil keep debris and contaminant particles suspended, where they can be filtered out by the oil filter. Compressor pumps do not have this, so the particles need to settle to the bottom of the crankcase….non-detergent oil allows that to happen.

If you live in a climate where it’s very cold in the winter (below 30 deg F for long periods of time), and the compressor is located in an area where it will also be that temp, you should change to a SAE 0W-30 during the cold months, then change back to straight SAE-30 during the warm months.

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How much oil do they take?

Bought this jacuzzi compressor without a motor. About what hp and speed should it run?

Portable electrics almost always are less than 2 HP, because that’s all a typical 120V outlet can handle.
Can you tell anything about the bore and stroke of the pistons?
Any info on a sticker suggesting CFM or pressure?
That sheave is what – about 12 or so inches diameter? And the belt portion about 6 in.?
Jacuzzi makes their stuff conservatively, so maybe under 900 RPM or so.

It has a 3″ bore and 1 3/8″ stroke. You think a 2hp 3450rpm pulled to run under 1000rpm would be good?

That’ll work OK, although I prefer a 1725, if its not too expensive.
You don’t have any indication of CFM or pressure on it?

The pressure switch is 145 on and 175 off

Really? It looks single stage v-twin in the pic. Is it two stage, or can you tell?

Its single stage for sure.

Maybe that’s why the motor burned out. I wouldn’t expect that to go more than 145 psi, tops. I could be wrong, though.

Is there a rating on the tank?

Pressure switch may have been adjusted down because tank i.d. rating is 150psi. Also brass popoff is 140psi. You recommend a 1725 rpm motor preference and a compressor speed of 1000rpm or less and a pressure switch about 125psi shut off?

Sounds right to me from what we know.
3450 motor is OK, too, especially if it’s a lot cheaper (in total) including the pulley(s). Depends on what you can get. But if money is no object…

I’ll look for an appropriate motor, clean up the reeds in the heads and look to filter the air better. Thanks for the info.

got that same compressor with what seem to be a 2hp 115v 3Hp 230v but i dont know how or what is wrong. nothing happens on 110 or 220 no tick no humm no smoke.

previous owner didnt know much about it just couldnt bother with it so sell me cheap, pump has oil and seem ok.

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No hum no smoke almost always means power is not reaching the motor.
Is the pressure switch set to “on”?
If so, check across the power plug to see if you have a circuit. I’m betting not.

I have a Jacuzzi just like it with a motor. It is 1 1/2 hp, 1425 RPM.

Kathy – what size are your pulleys?

This is exactly what you need

Eli, what size are your pulleys?

I have a 5hp Honda gas on mine, works good

I recently bought a JB compressor that is only missing one of the intake mufflers. The motor is a dual voltage Doerr rated at 1½ hp and 1740 rpm. It does run but I want to restore it and sell the Coleman I’ve had for 15 years.