by Ben
(North Augusta SC)


Older air compressor

Older air compressor

Vintage air compressor

Vintage air compressor


Identify older air compressor

Identify older air compressor top view


Air compressor pump

Air compressor pump


Can not locate any identifying numbers to rebuild my compressor.

Hope you are the one I have been searching for to help me out.

Thanks in advance.


This old compressor
by: matt

if i were to guess…it looks like an old gardner – denver or mayyyybe an old speedair…but GD is my first guess….?


Compressor rebuild
by: Doug in

No numbers or manufacturer, even on the tank? (It appears to have one, no?)

How old do you think it is?

Unless it’s fairly new or from, say, Grainger, you likely won’t find parts.

If you haven’t already, try calling some of the parts places on-line, like master tool to see if they recognise it.

Good luck.


Added info
by: Ben

Few numbers on the tank but I have contacted the manufacture and this data plate was no help.

There are no other numbers or data plate anywhere. I will research the info giving above and see where it takes me. Oh, and as for the date, the tank says 1980.

Thanks and wish me luck.


Further info on this old compressor
by: Ben

Forgot to mention that the tank is a Manchester tank and equipment company out of Lubbock Texas.


It’s a Smith
by: Anonymous

It’s an E.L. Smith compressor.

You can download the manual here.


American Eagle
by: Anonymous

I haven’t been able to find E.L. Smith parts, but it looks like these guys either bought the rights to the designs or bought the company. At any rate, they look like your machine, so maybe parts will be available through them, or they can set you up with a source for parts anyway. Looks like a very well built compressor. I always liked them


by: Anonymous

Thanks for the help. Is this compressor worth rebuilding? It looks like a well built compressor and exactly what I was looking for. once again, thanks for all input. I was about to throw in the towel and give up.


$$$ and time vs buying new
by: Anonymous

Does it need rebuilding?

If it’s not pumping oil, knocking or slow to build pressure, use it as is (if the tank is sound).

Whether it’s worth putting money into depends on how much it would cost in parts vs the cost of a new machine. Bear in mind, you will be VERY hard pressed to find a compressor of this quality nowadays. Nevertheless, it is a used machine, and even the best machines can succumb to neglectful maintenance.

At the very least I would put some proper air filters on it.

If I wanted to investigate a rebuild, I’d pop the cylinder heads off, see if the valves are in good shape, and check the bores for scoring, which would not be unusual given the filters on it.


Hidden Model Number
by: JasonA

After a lot of cleaning and some stripping of paint I found a hidden model number and serial number.

Photo 1 of my old air compressor

Photo 1 of my old air compressor

Picture 2 of my old air compressor

Picture 2 of my old air compressor

Picture 3 of my old air compressor

Picture 3 of my old air compressor


Current manufacturer
by: JasonA

American Eagle Air Compressors said the design for the V230 hasn’t changed. I bought a set of New Old Stock Pistons for mine and they were a perfect fit.


by: Syl

I too have a V230 And i want to ask if you found the correct crankshaft oil seal which is on the pulley side, i ordered one through American eagle and it does not belong there at all. There are 2 grooves there, which looks like O rings would fit in there… Maybe i am too late on this old post, but i thought I’d give it a shot anyways.

Thank you,




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