Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Identification

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by David
(Yuma, Az)

Bill, I may have a doozy for you. I have an early 1980’s vintage Dayton Speedaire compressor that I am in need of identifying. The model number tag is gone – but I do have engine info.

Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor
Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor
Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Compressor
Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Compressor
Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor Pump
Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor Pump
8hp Kohler Engine Off Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor
8hp Kohler Engine Off Old Portable Dayton Speedaire Air Compressor

It is a Dayton Speedaire, portable, twin torpedo tanks, V-4 cylinder 2-stage compressor, powered with an 8 HP Kohler gas engine.

I need to obtain specifications on it because I am going to mount it on a 60 gal tank and convert it to a 220v electric motor.

I also need the electric HP rating equivalent to the 8 HP gas engine.

This unit’s era was back in the day when Dayton owned Speedaire before Grainger bought them.

Grainger is of no help with this one. Thanks for any help you can give, David.


Good old air compressor
by: Anonymous

Got the same air compressor how much air does it put out I got an electric motor it runs great what kind of a regulator what I put on it was thinking the pipe it into an old propane tank set empty and open for years


Old Dayton Speedaire
by: David

I am curious to know what size electric motor you mated to your Dayton Speedaire. I would like to do the same thing but don’t know the gas to electric horsepower equivalent. Do you know the voltage and horsepower rating of your motor? Thx.

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I have a Dayton Speedaire Model 3Z782 and I think I need to just go ahead and replace the pressure switch as I’ve filed the contacts a few times over the years. I also think it’s beginning to leak. It’s a Furnas switch. Can you tell me where I can find a parts list online, or even better tell me which switch I need? It’s 120V and kicks in at 80 and out at 100 PSI. Thanks in advance.

Does it have the 1 HP motor? Here:
Pretty much anything either set at those pressures adjustable in that range will be fine.
The only other thing is the ports. Orientation doesn’t matter.

Yes sir, it is a 1 HP motor. I always ran it at 80-100. To be fair, I’ve never had a manual and am not sure of the recommended pressure range, but I believe the pop-off valve kicks at not too much more than that.

Yeah. Given the size (look, as in high volume) of the pump and the HP, I think 80-100 is a good range for it.
Especially if you’re just using to fill tires or something.
And you sure don’t want the safety popping.

I have an older 3Z170 Speedaire air pump, is it okay after 30+- years to begin using synthetic air compressor oil in this older pump ?? Thanks in advance ! Miles

Should be no problem, if you flush out the petroleum stuff.

I believe you need twice as much horsepower with gas than Electric, 5 hp electric = 10 hp gas

Grainger is of no help to anyone David. They’re useless. They rarely ever have what I need.

This is an old E.L. Smith compressor pump – now they are owned by Stellar and called American Eagle pumps

Cool! I need valve plate tin gaskets and a set a ring. These are some tough v-4 pumps. Where do I get parts and moral support for resurrecting history