Year of this unknown air compressor?

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by Neil
(Langley BC Canada)

Anybody know what year is this unknown compressor? I have just purchased this little air compressor and I am trying to find any information on it’s age.




Neil, I think that this is a DeVilbiss air compressor, model # 1202A, and it would appear to be have been manufactured in Canada.

Above that, since their is no longer a DeVilbiss in Canada, and currently information may be available from Devair (Google the name for contact info), that’s what I’ve got.

Anyone else?

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Does anyone know what kind this is the date is 12 -21 -37


Numbers I see on is….. 42-55. And 50-30. And that all the numbers I see. It was my grandpas old compressor he passed away. I really wanna know how big and what kinda motor I need to put on it. Thanks