Identifying Lux air compressor for parts

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by William
(South Milwaukee, WI)

Who makes Lux compressors and where can i get parts? I just purchased a used 60 gallon Lux air compressor Model FPV-502228 as best i can tell.

I cannot find any info about this brand of compressor.

Identifying this Lux air compressor for parts
Identifying this Lux air compressor for parts.

I would think it must have been made by some larger manufacturer? I need to replace a damaged air filter and would like to know where to get any parts i need in the future.

It has a century 5hp motor and a Furnas pressure unit.

One last question it shuts off at 125 and starts back up again at 80. are these normal settings? is the furnas pressure unit adjustable?

William, I struck out on finding out where the Lux air compressor, or as some refer to it, Luxaire air compressor, comes from.

I found some good comments about it, but precious few details.

One individual thought the pump resembled one that he sold that was made by Campbell Hausfeld, so that may have been the source.

Another says you can get parts for the Lux air compressor from:

Good luck, and comments from any Lux air compressor owners are sure welcome.

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LUX air compressors were made in Franklin Park, IL in the late 1980s and sold by “The Tool Store” on Harlem Ave, Forest Park, IL.

This is a Webster Model 66.