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Wondering what compressor I have here?

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by Lorra
(Ventura, CA)

Wondering what compressor I have: Blue, Flywheel, Filter on Top Middle…

Can anyone tell me its year, brand, and possible resale value?

Wondering What Compressor I Have
Wondering What Compressor I Have
Wondering What Compressor I Have Here 21903859
Wondering What Compressor I Have Here 21903859
Wondering What Compressor I Have Here 21903860
Wondering What Compressor I Have Here 21903860

I was only able to get a few shots, not inspect for serial ID, but its name badge is worn and illegible.

The building has been sold and this was in a corner.

It’s not seized. I have only a few hours left in which to identify it before it heads to scrap heaven.

I can’t take it out of the building without buying or selling it.

Many thanks for any help anyone could provide.


Additional Info
by: Lorra

Flywheel serial: 17708
Body serial: 6617145
Manufactured: June 1970 B
Numbers found by date: 0438358


Resale compressor?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

If you aren’t actually interested in it, probably let it go.

OTOH, if the reel comes with it, and that works, maybe 25 bucks or so just for that, and look into the pump when time permits.

…there are people who come around from time to time and can ID many pumps, but I’m not one of them. Sorry I’m not more help.


Wondering What Compressor I Have Here
by: Lorra

Doug, I appreciate and was impressed by your reaching out; it’s that attitude of wanting to help others that makes this a great site : )

Thank you!


by: Roger

Yes, this is an old Kellogg, maybe a 321.


The Final Solution
by: Lorra

First of all, thanks to Doug, Roger and Bill for all the help.

Second of all, Doug, I do believe that use of puns on this site result in immediate banishment (unless I read the “bye” laws incorrectly).

Third of three: I was researching this for a friend, who gave the compressor to another friend, but who needed the ID for a rebuild kit. Now this disco-era beast will stay alive and boogie again : )

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By Bill Wade

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