Vintage DeVilbiss Compressor – Looking for Model Number

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by Rob C
(Easton, MD)

Looking to find the model number for the pictured DeVilbiss air compressor. It is at least 60 to 75 years old.

I’ve got a tag with the Serial number, but no indication of the actual model number, and we would like to find the parts guide or anything else necessary to refurbish it.

Devilbiss Air Compressor
Devilbiss Air Compressor
Devilbiss Brand Air Compressor
Devilbiss Brand Air Compressor
Side View Of Devilbiss Air Compressor
Side View Of Devilbiss Air Compressor

It belonged to my wife’s grandfather who used it in his dental lab out of his house in Baltimore in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

It has a 1/4 HP GE electric motor.

Need to find the compressor belt size and oil type for starters.

Thanks for any help.


by: Doug in

I doubt you’ll find anything on the whole machine, but it looks like there should be some info on the tag on the pump – or is that where you got the s/n?


by: Anonymous

Looks like a DeVilbiss 120.


Compressor type
by: Anonymous

I have one similar, I found the pump plate says type ueh .

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Need help identifying pump


We have recently purchased the unit shown below. Have been able to get information on the BSA PowerPack, but not about the compressor unit
Would be grateful for any help

Hmm – Maybe a couple more views of the pump similar to the middle one here?

Hope these pics help

I see how it works now. I think.

Anyway, we can say it was made 1926 or later:
“By 1926 the company name changed to The DeVilbiss Company as their product lines continued to expand to include air compressors. ”

And before 1970:
“On January 1, 1970 the DeVilbiss Company was merged into Champion Spark Company. ”

Not sure what you want, but this looks pretty interesting, from whence the above quotes came.

The model, either “N” or “NC” seems to refer to a portable inflator. Not helpful.

Thank you for the information, it gives us an idea of its age and history
As we will be taking it to local vintage shows and like to make an info board about the exhibit

Oh, cool.
You’re welcome.

This is another DeVilbiss 120