Any info on BEN Patents Compressor?

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by Steve
(Lincoln, UK)

Hi Bill

I have a old BEN Patents Ltd Compressor unit, It has a Century RS P4 motor driving it (which needs attention at the moment). I can’t seem to find any info on it online but I do have a couple of pics for you. The second pic is the motor with the back off.

Ben Patents Ltd Compressor Tank
Ben Patents Ltd Compressor Tank
Ben Patents Ltd Compressor Motor
Ben Patents Ltd Compressor Motor
Ben Patents Ltd Compressor
Ben Patents Ltd Compressor

The last pic is a unit which closely resembles the compressor unit on my setup.


Ben compressor
by: Anonymous

Ben is now Broomwade, looks like a ac 3 model

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Hi Steve. Just a thought. Why is the storage tank in the middle necessitating a long V belt(s)? I am no expert but just looking through a tool catalogue of 1950s, with a few pics of BEN compressors and there is nothing like that config. Maybe Maybe specific to user?? Anyway thought I would add a comment as you didn’t get much of a response. Cheers, Graham.

Good morning, Graham I just acquired a 1945 Ben air compressor,it is in quite a good shape according to age.I wish to strip down the driving pulley.Besides the locking bolt at the back there seems to be a locking nut on the front that I can ‘t figure out how it works, I will appreciate any help or suggestions,

Hi Steve I am not a design expert, but l wouldn’t imagine, how ow it would look if the reservoir was layed horizontally with the pump and motor on top. It will be top heavy and very dangerous to handle. Now I have a question for Graham, l have just got hold of Ben compressor same as in picture (1945) model. I wish to strip the driving pulley, l already removed the key locking bolt and tackled the front of the pulley. There seems to be a hole threaded half way,l don’t know if it can be used as a… Read more »