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Sanborn 5hp 60 gal Magna force oil level check

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by Karl
(Belleville Michigan)

My Sanborn air compressor 5hp 60 gal magma force owners manual has poor description on oil level check. It says screw in oil level plug finger tight and check level or fill oil to bottom of fill hole threads resulting in two very different oil levels.

What is the oil capacity or proper procedure.

Also it says use 30 weight below 32f it 40 weight above 32f , what oil can I uses year round?

Sometimes I use the compressor to fill tires in the winter.

Sanborn 5 HP air compressor
Sanborn 5 HP air compressor


Magna force oil level check
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Sounds like you have a general info type manual. If you have a dipstick, go by that. If it’s just a plug then you go by the bottom threads.

As to the oil, is this inside or outside? If it actually gets below freezing, probably the easiest thing is to build some sort of vented, insulated enclosure for it. Add a block heater if it gets hard to start in winter with the 40 weight.


Oil level check
by: Karl

Thanks for the info. I’m referencing a Sanborn air compressor manual found on this website.

Perhaps you are correct as I read again it does reference different configurations of oil level checks.

One thing that does not seem right is that big compressor is only taking three fourths of a quart to register full on the screw in plug/ dipstick, however, oil is only about half way up on the large oil reservoir on the compressor bottom which seems unusual. Hmmmm.
The compressor is in a unheated garage and sees occasional use, so if multi-viscosity oil can not be used, I suppose I’ll choose 30w year round and should be OK with occasional use.


Magna force oil level check
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

If your cut-out is over about 130PSI then you have a two-stage pump. Either way, it takes 18 Oz. of oil.

Looking at the base on the left side opposite the flywheel, is where the dipstick should be. If you’re looking at the threads on the plug in the center of the base, that’s the drain, and not where you check oil level.

But that could be wrong, if you have a different pump than what it seems you have. Is there a plate with an actual model number? We could be sure with that.

Also, if you use the machine such that it only cycles once to maybe thrice per use, then the 30 weight should be OK.

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