I need a new compressor tank!

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I need a tank too
by: Anonymous

I spent some time online looking for 20 gal horizontal tanks with motor bases welded to them, but they’re all around $300 to start.

Who can afford to pay $250 for a new tank? Why go through all the change-over when you can buy a brand new portable compressor (albeit very loud and 1/4 the capacity) for $250?

Even CraigsList shows them very expensive.

Not sure where to get one at this point. Any help is appreciated. Thanx!

Replacement compressor tank
Replacement compressor tank


by: Doug in s.d.ca.

In answer to why not buy a cheap compressor –

Generally a new tank will be ASME certified.

The tank on one of the cheap compressors will not be.

Still, you can consider buying a cheap compressor and moving your good compressor onto it… good luck with that!


Cheap tanks & compressors


The understanding many have is that all air compressors sold into the North American market are somehow vetted, or checked, by some sort of overarching authority to ensure that they are safe to use.

If so, then using a new tank from a cheap air compressor to replace the tank on a good quality industrial type air compressor makes good sense.

Is there such an authority? Anyone know and comment if you do, please?

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