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When you try to find information about the Speedaire 3z180 air compressor on line, you will often end up on Grainger’s website. Speedaire is the house brand of Grainger. The listing for the Speedaire 3Z180 returns information on a compressor pump. Need a little help with yours? This page will help.

Thanks very much to Mike who provided the pics of the 3Z180 pump you see below.

That 3Z180 pump can be powered by either a 3 or 5 HP motor, has a 2 quart oil sump, and a 16.5″ O.D. flywheel.

If you are seeking help as to how to change a part or fix your Speedaire 3z180 compressor yourself, here is the page where you can post questions and read other visitor’s questions and answers about this Speedaire model of compressor.

You might want to read the existing submissions or review the compressor troubleshooting pages first since they offer solutions to many common air compressor problems.

If you can help someone else with a 3Z180 question, please comment. That will help all Speedaire 3Z180 air compressor users.


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