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When you try to find information about the Speedaire 3z180 air compressor on line, you will often end up on Grainger’s website. Speedaire is the house brand of Grainger. The listing for the Speedaire 3Z180 returns information on a compressor pump. Need a little help with yours? This page will help.

Thanks very much to Mike who provided the pics of the 3Z180 pump you see below.

Speedaire 3Z180 pump
Speedaire 3Z180 pump

That 3Z180 pump can be powered by either a 3 or 5 HP motor, has a 2 quart oil sump, and a 16.5″ O.D. flywheel.

If you are seeking help as to how to change a part or fix your Speedaire 3z180 compressor yourself, here is the page where you can post questions and read other visitor’s questions and answers about this Speedaire model of compressor.

You might want to read the existing submissions or review the compressor troubleshooting pages first since they offer solutions to many common air compressor problems.

If you can help someone else with a 3Z180 question, please comment. That will help all Speedaire 3Z180 air compressor users.


Existing Speedaire model 3Z180 compressor questions:

Air escaping from Speedaire 3Z180 air compressor pump – Air is escaping from the vent in the front of the governor casing

Speedaire 3Z 180 – 3hp 60 gal model 1Z721 – flow questions – I bought this unit about 8 years ago for $250 because it had a rod that was egg-shaped

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Also if this pump was made by Champion I am curious what model number Champion used for the same pump. Also I would like to know what size motor/engine I need to power my 3z181 as it the does not have a motor/engine. Thanks again!

I recently purchased a Devilbiss compressor that has a Dayton Speedair 3z181 pump. Can somebody tell me the difference between and 3Z180 and a 3Z181? I am also curious how old this pump is or at lease what years this pump was built. Not sure if the pump has been replaced but the unit is a Devilbiss as model # UAG5016-9 SN 105552. Thanks in advance for any help.

Google it, Please! I know they apparently don’t exist…at least on the internet. But I have a 3Z184B. It’s a double pumper. Anyone know where I could find some info, parts manual, anything on one?

Many of these pumps were made by Champion. Slim chance they could tell you something.

Hi worth 3 hrs to find this great page. need valve assy. (all four) or repair parts.

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Google 3z180 and you’ll find rebuild kits.
Someone may have the valves only, but I didn’t look too hard.
Grainger may help.

I have a parts manual for the 3z180C, which is substantially the same, presumably.
Unfortunately the attachment function is not working for me, so ask if you need it.

Can anyone explain what this port is and why it leaks air when the compressor is shut off? It will allow all air in tank to escape. SpeedAire 3Z180. Suggestions on how to fix would be appreciated.

Yes. That is a centrifugal unloader, or as Champion calls it, “release valve”.
It’s supposed to open when the compressor stops to make it easier to restart.
I’m not sure where on your machine, but there is probably a check valve near the tank at the other end of the tube coming in from the left. It’s not checking. With any luck it’s just dirty, so try taking it apart, clean and reinstall. It may also have an o-ring or spring or something that may need replacing.

You may find this helpful:

Good luck.

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I am looking for info on a Speedaire 3Z189 all I can find is 3Z180 but the data plate clearly says 3Z189. Any ideas on pressure and CFM RATING?

i also have a 3z189 did you find any info like RPM? the pump model number is not readable

3Z180 pics are right here.

Thank you Mike. Your photos have been added to the page. Cheers, Bill