Dayton 3Z960 Inter cooler lines

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by Chris Milliken
(Corpus Christi Tx)

Speedaire compressor Dayton 3Z964 Pump 3z960 Sr.541788. Grainger said it was discontinued 20 years ago. No info available.

Dayton 3Z960 air compressor
Dayton 3Z960 air compressor

On the inter cooler next to the HP head there is two fittings. The one on top was broken off. I am assuming it was a unloader. Installed a 65 PSI unloader.

In the other port someone install a 2 inch nipple, (Not Original), then a device that says PILOT on it with flow directions, “>” and “<” and a barbed fitting in the middle.

Then a copper line going to the top of the HP head. I know the copper line is Original. I don’t know what is the PILOT for or if it is installed correctly. The “<” in on the cooler side and the “>|” is on the head side.

When the compressor is running air comes out of the Barbed fitting.

Should the copper line from the HP head go directly to the inter cooler?

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