What is the default blow off pressure on a Dayton Speedaire 3Z405

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by Nate
(Palm Desert, CA)

Seems like the blow off used to trip a @ around 80 lately it has been 100PSI.

Just want to make sure it is safe for use still.

Nate, when you say “blow off” are you referring to the pressure switch shutting the compressor down, or the PRV letting go?

Both of the pressure levels you refer to are low for a typical PRV to crack open, and even a little low for a compressor cut out, though some do at 100 PSI.

Regardless, if that pressure level is changing, it indicates that conditions on your air compressor have changed too, and you do want to find out what’s going on.

Remedial action will depend on whether it’s the pressure switch or the PRV that’s blowing off.

According to what I could find at Grainger, the model number you provide is not complete, and therefore, I cannot locate any specifications on your air compressor.

I suspect though, based on looking at a range of small air compressors still available from Grainger (Speedaire compressor & Dayton are their brands) that you shouldn’t have any worry about safety with a compressor tank pressure of 100 PSI, as long as the tank is in good shape.

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