Speedaire 3Z406 Compressors

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The Speedaire 3z406 compressors are decades old now and are no longer supported by Speedaire / Grainger.

The Speedaire 3Z406 compressor has a horizontal tank about 30 gallons in size, two wheels at the rear, and a handle to drag it along, making this a portable compressor. It came with a 1 HP 120 VAC motor. This model was built back when a 1 HP motor on a decently pump could be relied on to last a long time and deliver a respectable amount of compressed air.

I suspect there are lots of these Speedaire compressors still in use and being of the 1970’s vintage, this compressor was probably built a lot better than similarly sized air compressors are today. It looks “real”.

Speedaire 3z406 Air Compressor
Speedaire 3z406 Air Compressor

Given that it’s long out of date, owners may be having a bit of an issue getting information and help with this model. Are you one of those?

Do you have a problem with your model 3Z406?

Use this page to ask your fellow 3Z406 users a question.

Are you an owner and user of the Speedaire 3Z406 that has solved a problem or two? If so, please share that information with other users, won’t you.

If you have a manual of this compressor in digital form, even if it’s just a bunch of photos of the original pasted into a document, please upload it via the form below.

We all thank you.


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I have what I’m confident is very similar, if not a 3Z406. Can anyone tell me where to find the model number so I can confirm? I’ve looked all over this thing to no avail. Doing some repair work and want to make sure I get the correct parts, if I can find them.

Does anybody know where to get any parts for these this used to belong to my grandfather it’s been really good for me I’d like to keep it alive is there anybody can help me let me know please


Does anyone know the oil capacity for these units? I have inherited one of these, it is in good shape and was well looked after and I would like to give it an oil change just not sure on capacity – don’t want to over or underfill.

Don’t know exact capacity, but full is the bottom of the threads in the vertical fill hole on the right looking at it from the drain side.

Hi Jerry Kirkegaard, If you are still around this blog. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the manual also. Still looking and have found some parts breakdowns but any extra info would be appreciated. Thanks

I just bought a used Sears 106.174550. It is still in running condition. It is very similar to the 106.173780 from everything I have seen and learned so far. I would like to change the oil as the previous owner has never changed it. Does anyone know what viscosity these compressors use? I have found the parts docs but a owners manual pdf or any pictures of would be nice. If anyone knows.

That should be a C-H pump. Here’s what they say.

People looking for the 3z406

I believe Jerry Kirkegaard is right.

Do a search for the 106.173780

You’ll find the parts diagram and parts. That should be all you need.

Have fun.

Good afternoon –

I, too, recently acquired a speedaire model Model 3Z406, and I wondered if you ever received the manual for the Craftsman compressor that another reader mentioned in an earlier post – access to a manual would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for any assistance available

I have a Speedaire 3z406 and I am looking for some sort of manual or spec sheet. Not having any luck finding anything. I found info for a 2Z499, not sure if they are the same though.

I was looking for parts when I came across your site I was viewing the section on the Speedaire 43Z406 and at the end you were asking for information on said unit. I have a Sears model106.173780 owners manual and I believe it is the same as the Speedaire 3Z406 and if you wish I will send a copy to you.

I also have the compressor purchased in 1975 still running. It paid for itsself first time I used it painting the kitchen cabinets

Sure. Sent an email to you, Jerry. Thanks.

Hello, are you able to send me a copy of the manual as well?

I don’t know if jerry is still around, but you want to post directly to him, above.

I need one please. Here is my email…

(Please upload the manual by clicking the “paper clip” icon in the comment section. In that manner, Chance can download a copy, as well as anyone else looking for that info. Thank you. Moderator)

I would like a copy of your owners manual. I took apart the pump on my compressor and I think I need to change the valves. Ordered rings from Campbell and when I put it back together I’m not sure if I have the middle plate correct or not. Thank you so much and have a happy holiday. I am a newbie.

hi can you send me a copy of the manual I have a 3z406

thank you

does anybody have a users manual for my ez406 speedaire compresser. Thanks Mike R.

What was the cfms on this air compressor

Rule of thumb is 3-4 CFM/HP, so probably around 3….

Shortly after my husband died someone burglarized my garage and stole several items including all his tools and 2 speedaire air compressors. One looks like the 3z406 and I’m trying to value it for the insurance claim. Can any one tell me what it is worth? Thanks!

You got replacement value or actual value insurance?
How old was it?
Any idea how well it was working?

If you have any pictures, take them to your local appraiser. If not, research similar models and make your best guess. Hugs for your trajedy and problems

Assuming it was in working condition, I just purchased one for $120. A bit bulky to lug around, but a decent compressor for sitting in your garage or shop.