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The Speedaire 3z406 compressors are decades old now and are no longer supported by Speedaire / Grainger.

The Speedaire 3Z406 compressor has a horizontal tank about 30 gallons in size, two wheels at the rear, and a handle to drag it along, making this a portable compressor. It came with a 1 HP 120 VAC motor. This model was built back when a 1 HP motor on a decently pump could be relied on to last a long time and deliver a respectable amount of compressed air.

I suspect there are lots of these Speedaire compressors still in use and being of the 1970’s vintage, this compressor was probably built a lot better than similarly sized air compressors are today. It looks “real”.

Speedaire 3z406 Air Compressor
Speedaire 3z406 Air Compressor

Given that it’s long out of date, owners may be having a bit of an issue getting information and help with this model. Are you one of those?

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