A number of folks have written in commenting and asking Speedaire air compressor oil questions.

This page provides a selection of those, and, if you wish to add a question, do so at the end of this page.

Speedaire 4B247A – What kind of lubricating oil

by Michael

I just purchased a used SpeedAire No. 4B247A. I have no Owner’s Manual for it. 1) Is a manual available? and 2) What kind of lubricating oil does it use. I am sure it has never been changed. Please advise


Speedaire 4B247A pump Photo: Grainger.com

Hello Michael:

More and more stores are selling their own house brands of compressors, and the actual manufacturing origin of those compressors is China.

It is difficult for someone with a house brand compressor to even contact, let alone get meaningful answers from the factory.

Asking a clerk at the store where the compressor comes from generates astonished looks and puzzled frowns; “why sir, it comes from the warehouse in Chicago”, or some such location. They don’t know the source.

Fortunately, you have acquired a Speedaire compressor, yes, a house brand, yet the folks that sell them assure me that they have information and parts for their compressors going back decades.

Here are guidelines for getting Speedaire parts.

Go to that page, and follow instructions to help you find your local Speedaire supplier for parts and manuals.

What kind of oil should I use in my Speedaire compressor?

by Arnold

What kind of oil should I use in my Speedaire compressor. It is time to change and the manual says Mobil with a bunch of letters and numbers. Thanks for your help. I don’t know what the word German is for.

Hello Mr. Johansen:

There are many different compressor manufacturers that have built Speedaire compressors over the years. That makes it difficult to determine what is best for any specific model. May I suggest the first way to determine the oil for your specific Speedaire compressor is to ask their tech people?

Here is a Speedaire Parts Info Page on which you can find the information about locating your local branch that sells this brand of compressors.

Speedaire compressor oil

by David montgomery

I need to know what oil to use in a SPEEDAIRE— Model 3Z492? The unit is quite a few years old, bought in 1980,1981 or so. It’s powered by a dayton electric motor- 3 HP Model 5K675K. It’s still in great shape but I have lost the owners manual.

Hi David:

Please visit this page, click on the Speedaire air compressors link on that page, and when you are on the Speedaire page, follow the guidelines for finding your closest repair/parts depot.

They will be happy to help, I’m sure. Or, visit your local compressor shop and purchase their recommended compressor oil.

RE: model 5Z404C – Where do I add oil?

by Gary

I have a speedair model 5Z404C – the serial number is 960701002. I can see a guage that shows the oil is low, but I cannot find where to put oil in.

Gary, I don’t know the model. Any chance you can re post with a photo of the top of the compressor. If you can upload two or three shots from various sides, that would help.

All I can say for sure is that since gravity works to pull oil down to the sump, and therefore sight gauge is likely almost directly underneath the fill port.

Speedaire compressor model 1wd61 and need to know what kind of oil

by Jack
(cairo , illinois)

We have a model 1wd61 and need to what kind of oil to put in compressor and capacity.

Hello Jack, nice to hear from you.

I get a lot of inquiries about lubricating oil for air compressors, so I put up a few pages of info on the site to help.

Here is oil change info. There is much information on a number of pages linked from this one, Jack.

What type of oil do i need for your speedaire compressor, model 4b236c

by Grady Dean

the compressor that i have has been sitting up for a few years, is there any precautions i should take before running

Howdy Grady:

It’s good to check and/or change the oil, for sure.

Make sure the tank drain is closed before you start it. I hope that it was left open?

Let it come up to high pressure cutout and shut off. Listen for leaks, particularly if bleeding out the pressure switch, which would indicate a stuck or failed check valve into the tank.

You might even pull the PRV ring to bleed of air, then push it shut again. This should free it up to operate properly if need be.

I would suggest you visit the Speedaire page (click Speedaire link from the Nav Bar) and follow the guides to ask the Speedaire people where you are what’s their recommendation for a compressor lube oil.

Failing that, visit your local compressor store and buy their recommended brand.

Careful you don’t overfill when you change the oil.

There is water build up in the Speedaire oil block..

by Jay

I have a speedaire 5Z640A compressor and I keep getting water mixed in the oil in the oil block in the pump. I keep changing the oil and after a couple of months, I notice the same thing. What could be the problem?

Hi Jay, thanks for writing in.

Compressing air generates water. If you want to understand why, details are here.

That water generally builds up in the compressor tank. Which is why it’s good practice to drain your compressor tank after every use.

The oil in your compressor is in an oil sump, and I believe yours is splash lubricated, which means that as the crank turns (driven by the electric motor shaft) and the piston moves up and down, oil splashes up onto the parts to keep them lubricated.

If a lot compressor oil was in your air tank, it usually means that the seals on the piston are badly worn, oil is wicking by the seals, and getting driven into the air tank by the compression stroke of the piston.

Is that the case in your compressor? If oil can move one way past the seals, water vapor can move the other way into the sump. That might be a cause.

To my knowledge there’s no connection between the air tank on the compressor and the oil sump. I can’t think of any other way water (condensing in the sump from water vapor) could get into your oil sump.

Anyone else have any ideas for Jay?



Changing the oil in the Speedaire motor

by Mike Vinson
(Richmond, CA)

We have a Speedaire 10HP compressor used 5 days a week. How often should the oil be changed and what type of oil would be the best?


Mike Vinson
Center Star Mfg

Bill answers…

Hi Mike:

Five days a week, but for how long each day?

I liken the compressor head to the car engine. If you are using general purpose compressor oil, maybe change it every three or four months?

If using is a synthetic compressor oil, longer between changes.

Best to contact Speedaire directly and get their recommendation for oil change intervals and the compressor oil to be used for your specific compressor.

Click on the Speedaire link on the about different brands page, and follow the guides to find the location nearest you.

What Lube Oil For A Speedaire Compressor 1Z286?

by Mark
(Oregon City, Oregon)

I just got off the phone with Grainger’s and as much as they were helpful, this particular model is just too old for their records (1960 – 1969).

All I really want to know is what type of oil is recommended to use?

The tech person did tell me to change the oil quarterly and that back then they probably used 10W30. Does this information seem correct?

From what I have gleaned off the Internet is, to use non-detergent oil but most of the blogs are saying to use 30W oil.

I might add that for being so old this compressor is in excellent shape and I would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately it was part of an estate sale so I can not talk the previous owner.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Hi Mark:

Far be it from me to “fly in the face” of advice from the company that distributes the compressor. If he says 10W30, then maybe that’s what you should use?

In your shoes I’d visit my local “big box store” and ask them where they send their compressors for repair.

Wherever that is, take your compressor there if it’s portable, and ask them to change the oil for you…the first time. Then you may have a warranty claim of sorts if they use the incorrect oil.

Or, just ask them to sell you the oil you need for your compressor. Take full information on it with you if you can’t take the compressor itself. Same result.

Just document who you talked to so that you can contact them or their boss for advice if you have a problem.

New Speedaire air compressor oil questions?

Add them here, along with any photos that will help others help you, K?