Identifying Speedaire Compressor Models – Identifying Old Air Compressors

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Having an issue identifying a Speedaire air compressor model? This article will provide you with tips on how to identify an older air compressor in order to try to source parts, find a compressor manual, or just get some online guidance on proper use and so on.

This page will also provide an opportunity for readers to post photos of their old air compressors so that someone can help identify them!

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Tips on How to Identify Speedaire Compressor Model

Identifying a Speedaire compressor model can be done with the 4 following steps:

  1. Check the backside of the tank to see if there’s a stamp that lists the year that the compressor was produced along with the manufacturer. If only the manufacturer name is present, do a google search of the brand compressors.
  2. Look along all sides of the air compressor for a patent number, which is often listed near the name of the manufacturer on most older air compressors.
  3. Go to google patents and run a search on the patent number (if you find it), this will provide you with basic information on the model including the manufacturer and issue date.
  4. Upload images of the air compressor to a forum like this page where other compressor connoisseurs are likely to recognize the model.

For more detailed information, visit our Identifying An Older Air Compressor – Serial Numbers, Photos & Antique Air Compressor Identification guide here!

Reader Questions & Responses

Identifying Speedaire Compressor Model

by Rodney
(Kings Mountain, NC)

Very Old Speedaire 21587208
Very Old Speedaire 21587208
Old Speedaire air compressor pump sheave

I have a pretty old Speedaire 2hp 20 gal portable that I am trying to determine what model pump is on it. I need to order some parts & so far none of the parts I have numbers for have shown up on Grainger such as the belt # (Durkee-Atwood BT-31) or the motor which is a Dayton LR22132. The big problem is that the sticker that had the model # & information on it is now gone.

The tank & pump are almost primer gray in color with a red & silver Speedaire sticker on the non-flywheel side. There is also a darker gray & yellow maintenance sticker on the same side. The model# sticker is up on the shelf where the motor & pump are. It appears to be a 2 part sticker as I still have the Speedaire title part.

The pump is a 2 cylinder model that is much like the attached picture except that the middle bolt is recessed onto a box that has the air inlets and is normally covered by the felt type of filter. I am not sure if the plates on top of the pictured pump are removable and the box I speak of may be underneath. The pump has a raised inscription that says B 17B. The serial number for the compressor itself starts with 04207. The flywheel looks identical to the 1 in the picture.

I have a head gasket leaking & there is air coming out of the weep hole in the top of the housing that the shaft come through. I am assuming that these may be easy fixes or something that can be solved by rebuilding the pump but really need to be able to id it in order to get the right parts.

Identifying a Speedaire Pump So I Can Find Valves!

Old Speedaire pump
Old Speedaire pump
Old Speedaire pump closeup
Old Speedaire pump closeup
Old Speediare pump head
Old Speediare pump head

This is an old (judging from the fact I found it in my grandfather’s shop) air compressor pump. It is green in color, single-stage, and the piston is approximately 1.5″ in diameter. The only marking on the pump is MODEL A-9. Some photos are attached. Thanks!

Please leave a comment below if you’re able to help identify a Speedaire compressor, or if you have a question yourself, with photos if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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I have a new or factory refurbished speedaire compressor and flywheel exactly like the one pictured above still in the box on the wooden bottom. Date says 3/86 on the COD delivery form. What would it be worth if I were to sell it. Can anyone give me an idea??

Please help If you can Identifie this compressor

Comp 1.JPG

Hi All, As Rodney wrote: “The pump is a 2 cylinder model that is much like the attached picture except that the middle bolt is recessed onto a box that has the air inlets and is normally covered by felt type of filter.” I stumbled upon a vintage spec sheet which states spec data at 150 psi Max. thus I first wish to give Thanks to the original author for the TDS Manual; attached Speedaire single, twin technical data specs but also it maybe helpful with other models! The model in the picture appears to be identical to model #… Read more »

Speedaire-2Z499B-Compressor Head.jpg

Need help finding specs on an old Speedaire 5z631 we have in stock. Model number is TR200100AJ.

I have an old speedaire compressor and it has no ID plates on it so I can’t order parts, . So I am looking for help by posting a picture of it so someone can Id it. Thank you

I have one exactly like the first post with the same numbers lr22132 I got most of the stickers and I need to try and fix mine

I have a old speedaire compressor with no model numbers, no attached plates with info of any kind. All I have is some photos hopefully someone can identify it so I can order parts.

H I have same one , also a red one with 101-K and nothing else.

Just bought this vintage Speedaire compressor and hope to find out about CFMs. Finding a manual would be even better. Tank is stamped 1974, model 1Z721A. Dayton motor is 5K483-J which is still available today (without the J) from Grainger for just over $1100. Pump is Speedaire Model 47D. Thanks.

Found this aluminum tag with a metal finder in a dumping area of a farm dating back to 1721. Just curious if you know how old it might be.

What do you think? Is it 1Z296?

Looks like 1Z28C

Mostly SpeedAire uses a number, letter and three more numbers.
Anyway, sorry, I’m not finding it. Pretty sure it’s newer than 1720’s, though. ?
I keep hoping I’ll stumble on a somewhat complete list of their models, but so far nothing.

The C might be a 6. So 1Z286. Thanks for your help!

I need help trying to find the model of this compressor pump. It looks like a 2 stage 1 hp pump, about 40 years old. It still runs but now leaks oil. Looking for filter and two metal valves (missing on top view picture). Thanks!

Shoot. I can’t find the pump, but it’s single stage twin, and you’ll probably have to make the valve.
Roger may know what it is and where to get parts.

looks like mine. got it for free last summer and looking to rebuild to drive my plasma cutter. need info as well.

I have one as well, anyone else know?

I have a Speedaire Model A-9 and need a filter element/sponge for the air intake. It’s circular and about 2 inches in diameter. Where can I buy one?

Most filters use paper now, but if you want to use foam, try a small motor shop (as in lawnmower). Maybe cut one down to size.
Otherwise, consider replacing it altogether. Do a search:
“intake air filter element compressor”
Check the threads, yours is probably half-inch, maybe bigger.
There’s a pipe size chart here:

Good luck.

Hi ,
Mine didn’t have one but based on pictures it looked like the old car wash sponges so i found one and cut a chunk and then down to size works perfectly
Soaked in WD 40 and it made the compressor run quieter.
Sponge cost a $1 so all good.

Can you identify this air compressor for me please

Sort of ?
It’s a home-brew:
Speedaire 3z206 tank or receiver
Harbor Freight Tools 5 HP v-twin pump
Briggs & Stratton 10 horsepower gas engine
A decent combo, if it has a bull-whip for motor control and unloading.
The tank likely started out with Champion pump and some electric motor for the 3z206 original unit.


Hi, please help. What do I have, how do I get a manual, and is it possible someone put a 110 plug on the end of it. Blows the fuse, but not right away and doesn’t have enough oomph, just turns very slowly. Thanks in advance.

It’s a 2Z630 pump on a portable tank. The motor is a “real” 3HP unit, the minimum for this pump.
It requires 230 Volts.
Sounds like you already put a plug on it, but you need to figure a way to 230. There is no way to wire the motor for 120.
Here’s some info on the pump. The rest of it is off-shelf replaceable parts, with some substitutions.
I thought I had a manual, but is possibly a virus. More later, maybe…

It set for 220v. If you want it for 110 you will have to open the little back plate and rewire where the cord wires attach. there should be a diagram on motor or YouTube it .

I would guess your internal motor leads are connects high voltage, or you have incorrectly attached L1, L2 Connections. Dependent on required voltage input! If you look carefully at motor label it should have schematic that identifies connections (120v – low) , (240v – high). Terminals connections should be numbered on connection mounting plate. Terminals may be labelled Dayton numberic 1 – 4 and simply follow schematic.

What model is this and how old?

Is there a tag on side of compressor? Mine has similar looking, single piston compressor(tag is 2Z498B), but I cant find anyy where that sells parts or rebuild kits for it! =X

Bubba –
At least you can get the piston and rings. Make valves and gaskets.

Maybe this will help! You can trying sourcing it at

I would search Campbell Hausfeld “VS” PUMP

Dunno off-hand. You may get a clue for age from the tank. They are often stamped with info in date, test pressure, working pressure and manufacturer.

That looks like a single stage pump, yes? And can you get anything off the motor? HP, voltage, FLA, etc.? That will narrow down the pump search.