XAHS447 / XAHS950CD7 has ECU 7009 protect lamp warning

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by Rama

Hi ,

We have Air compressor ( engine driven), when we start running the compressor , we found amber light with display ” ECU 7009 protect Lamp”.

In the trouble shoot manual doesn’t specify about this code. What might be the problem.

Compressor type is ” XAHS447 / XAHS950CD7 “

Any advise?

Atlas Copco XAS 447
Atlas Copco XAS 447

ECU 7009 lamp warning

by: Doug in s.d.ca

Did you see/read this?



Only possible when engine is running or if
Diagnostics Mode is active.
Access the ECU DM1 LIST menu via Alarm View.
In case of ECU RED LAMP:
Do NOT acknowledge the ECU RED LAMP alarm.
DM1 alarms are automatically copied into the
Alarm View, and can be read there.
For all ECU triggered alarms, the respective SPN code
is shown in the ECU DM1 LIST
A full list of supported SPN codes is provided by the
engine manufacturer.”

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what is the remady for fault code 7007/7008/7009

Please read my post above (which has a few ads interspersed).
As mentioned below, you may just have a battery problem.

We get this error code all the time up where I work in Northern Canada. It’s USUALLY just bad battery voltage that causes it. Here, that’s usually due to really cold temperatures. Not sure if that’s really applicable to you, but still, could be badly corroded terminals, poor charging system (though, that would usually throw other codes too) or just a crappy battery. Try charging it or just switching it out, I’ll bet the code clears right up!

How to remove this code.

(We understand that you are asking about how to remove the warning? If not, please clarify. – Moderator.

That a light out side of the compressor, flashing strobe light warning for any engine alerts and malfunctions. Most likely light is damaged, corrosion on the connections or electrical wire damaged.